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The Grave Dancer put Stef here.

Speed Racer

This allows Stef to participate in races with other people also confined to wheelchairs.

The Midnight Club

This is a group of organized crime officials who ban together to create an organization in order to slim line their crimes and make them more efficient as well as more profitable.

Diamond and Onyx Ring

When Alexandre St.-Germain's body double is murdered, one of the things Stef notices about the body is this.

Video Tapes

At the sight of the murder of Alexandre St.-Germain's body double these are found.


This is an exclusive club in New York City that caters to the sexual needs of its rich customers.

Edmonds Hotel

Isiah Parker's brother died here.

Long Beach

Stef is shot and rendered unable to walk by Alexandre St.-Germain during a police operation to arrest Alexandre St.-Germain...

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