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Lesson 1 (from Prologue, Night of the Detective, Chapters 1-6)


Prologue, Night of the Detective, Chapters 1-6

The students will be able to identify the use of specific words to convey emotions within text.


Possible Activities:

• Have the students identify words/phrases from the section which would help the reader to understand the emotions (i.e. Stef's gut feeling, how Grave Dancer felt, how Stef would feel after learning that Anna was also killed, etc.).

• Provide the students with a list of 20-30 phrases/paragraphs from the section. Have the students place them in a T chart with one side being those which convey emotions and the other side those which do not.

• Have the students use pictorial representations to display the emotions the author conveys the characters are experiencing after in this section of reading.


Have the students create a list of 10-20 words that could be added to this section to demonstrate...

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