The Midnight Club Character Descriptions

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This character has been investigating a man he knows as the Grave Dancer for a long time and is about to arrest him when he and his men are ambushed by the Grave Dancer's men.

Alexandre St.-Germain

This character is a business man who uses his legitimate business interests to hide his illegal activities.

Isiah Parker

This character is a policeman who works in the same Harlem neighborhood where he has lived all his life.


This character is the one person who treats Stef the way he did before Stef's devastating injuries.

Sarah McGinniss

This character is a writer who has recently become famous due to the non-fiction book, A Mother's Kindness.

Sam McGinniss

This character is an articulate young man who is full of life and joy of his mother's life.

Marcus Parker and Anna Stefanovitch

These characters are a promising boxer who mistakenly...

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