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Prologue, Night of the Detective, Chapters 1-6

• Detective John Stefanovitch, called Stef, is a police detective who has spent the last two years searching for a drug lord called the Grave Dancer.

• He has a warrant to serve on Alexandre St.-Germain who is the Grave Dancer for narcotic violations.

• St. - Germain is ruthless and will kill anyone he feels is getting to close regardless of whether they are cops or criminals.

• Before the police can target his house, St.-Germain and his men ambush the police.

• Grave Dancer shoots Stef in the back at point blank range which restricts Stef to a wheelchair .

• Grave Dancer then goes to Stef's house and shoots his wife, Anna, with a shotgun at point blank range as well.

Part One, The Grave Dancer, Chapters 7-12

• Isiah Parker is a police officer who works undercover to try and catch drug dealers...

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