Objects & Places from The Middle Place

Kelly Corrigan
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Oakland, California

Kelly Corrigan and her husband, Edward Lichty, and their young daughters, Georgia and Claire, lived in a large, four-bedroom house in this city.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kelly Corrigan was born and raised in a suburb of this city where she lived with her parents and two brothers.


After graduating college, Kelly and a friend traveled to this country for a few months of adventure.

New Haven, CT

Kelly's husband, Edward, went to Yale University in this city.

Imaging Center

Kelly had to undergo mammography at this place to determine the size and shape of the lump she discovered in her breast.


To kill the cancer in her tumor, Kelly had to undergo four devastating sessions of this treatment which left her fatigued, nauseated, and depressed.


After a successful lumpectomy, Kelly was still required to undergo ten weeks of these treatments that sometimes burned her...

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