The Middle Place Character Descriptions

Kelly Corrigan
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Kelly Corrigan

She is a thirty-seven-year-old wife and mother who lives in the suburbs outside Oakland.

George Corrigan

He was a very positive person and tried to instill in his children the importance of always looking on the bright side.

Edward Lichty

He was a great support to his wife during her illness and was positive throughout that she would make it through.

Mary Corrigan

She is the chief worrier and strict disciplinarian of the family in contrast to her husband's eternal optimism.

Georgia and Claire Corrigan

These sisters are three-years-old and one-year-old when their mother is struck with cancer.

Booker Corrigan

He saves enough money cutting grass one summer to buy a boa constrictor that terrifies his sister.

GT Corrigan

He was so impressed with Australia that his sister was inspired to go on an extended vacation there after she graduated college.

Dr. Mark Schoenberg

This physician...

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