The Middle Place Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kelly Corrigan
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Chapters 1 through 4

• On August 2, 2004, just before her 37th birthday, Kelly Corrigan found a suspicious lump in her breast.

• Kelly's husband, Edward, was away on business so Kelly went to the home of her friend, Emily Birenbaum, who was a physician.

• Emily told Kelly that the hardness of the lump was not a good sign but since Kelly was young, it was probably a cyst.

• Emily promised to schedule a mammogram for Kelly and Edward was positive when Kelly told him about it later that night.
• The story flashes back to Kelly's happy childhood in Philadelphia with her parents, George and Mary, and her older brothers, Booker and GT.

• George was a kid's hockey coach and one day there was quite an uproar when George "sneezed out" his front tooth.

• The kids all crawled around looking for the tooth in hopes of claiming the $5 reward for whoever found it...

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