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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 recounts Howie's train of thought from entering his office building to his reaching the top of the escalator, which must have taken place within a minute-long stretch of time. This lesson focuses on why a novel must be rooted in a story and a story is usually rooted in time.


1. Class Discussion: What is the purpose of a novel? Why is it human nature to like a good story? What is the connection between story and its place in time? Does a story needed to be rooted in a time of day or a time of history? Why or why not? How does the element of time help create suspense in a novel?

2. Small groups: Take turns telling stories about any topic. First, tell a story that is not rooted in time and contains no suspense. Then add elements of time and suspense...

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