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Chapter 1

• The Mezzanine is told through observations of Howie, an office worker riding the escalator back to his desk on the mezzanine level of an office building.

• Howie's first observations are stream of consciousness about the beauty and use of straws.
• Next, Howie thinks about the use of small shopping bags.

• He realizes he has a pair of shoelaces in his CVS bag.

Chapter 2

• Howie notes that he has broken his left shoelace this morning.

• This observation leads to a number of thoughts about feet.
• Next, Howie describes how he broke his shoelace that morning.

• Breaking his shoelace leads Howie to give serious consideration to the operation of tying a shoe.

Chapter 3

• Thoughts about learning to tie his shoes leads Howie to consider when and how he made another "advancements."

• He thinks about a girlfriend that used to brush her tongue when she was brushing her teeth.
• Howie...

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