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Carrie Anne Noble
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 19, where is Soraya supposed to be from?
(a) Gojanastani.
(b) Islamabad.
(c) Tunisia.
(d) Afghanistan.

2. In Chapter 17, what does Madame Soraya sit on as Dr. Phipps drives the wagon?
(a) Bench.
(b) Upholstered couch.
(c) Woven mats.
(d) Rocking chair.

3. In Chapter 20, how deep is the layer of pearls in Maren's jar?
(a) 1/2 inch.
(b) 2 inches.
(c) 1/4 inch.
(d) An inch.

4. What type of flowers are in the field where the Phipps sets up camp in Chapter 19?
(a) Black-eyed Susans.
(b) Purple coneflowers.
(c) Dandelion.
(d) Daisies.

5. In Chapter 20, how long does Clara have to stand in the tent dressed as Hatsumi?
(a) 60 minutes.
(b) 2 hours.
(c) 45 minutes.
(d) 3 hours.

6. What happens when Clara is out of the wagon and determines to find Maren?
(a) She cough and chokes.
(b) She trips on a tree branch.
(c) She twists her ankle.
(d) She collapses on the ground.

7. After traveling beyond the forest in Chapter 13, where do O'Neill, Clara, and Maren camp next?
(a) Old homestead.
(b) A cave.
(c) Abandoned farm.
(d) Tumbledown shed.

8. In Chapter 22, what is the name of the horse whose leg is broken?
(a) Soranus.
(b) Pericles.
(c) Sydenham.
(d) Hippocrates.

9. In Chapter 15, what wakes Clara?
(a) Osbert.
(b) Intruders.
(c) Lightning strike.
(d) A fire.

10. In Chapter 17, what is Jasper's middle name?
(a) Robert.
(b) William.
(c) Louis.
(d) Armand.

11. In Chapter 23, what color is Dr. Phipps's favorite china bowl?
(a) Purple.
(b) Green and white.
(c) Yellow.
(d) Blue and white.

12. In Chapter 13 when Clara awakes on their journey, what type of trees surround the wagon?
(a) Hemlock.
(b) Ash.
(c) Oak.
(d) Elm.

13. In Chapter 16, who kidnapped Maren?
(a) A witch.
(b) A fairy.
(c) Simon.
(d) An Indian.

14. In Chapter 25, what does O'Neill say the must wait for before trying to escape?
(a) Soraya to get sick.
(b) Dr. Phipps to die.
(c) Sleeping draught.
(d) Storm.

15. In Chapter 23, what does Clara mend?
(a) Blouse.
(b) Skirt.
(c) Socks.
(d) Jacket.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 17, what borrowed clothes does Clara wear?

2. What can be heard as bottles break in the fire?

3. In Chapter 14, how old does Clara remember Maren being when she went swimming in the Wishing Pool like a minnow?

4. How much do people have to pay to enter the Gallery of Wonders in Chapter 19?

5. Who gets wet when water splashes from Maren's washtub at the beginning of Chapter 15?

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