The Mermaid's Sister Short Essay - Answer Key

Carrie Anne Noble
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1. In Chapter 1, how is Maren changing?

Maren is changing. Her hands and feet are becoming webbed. Just below Maren's waist, a row of pale-green scales are starting to appear. She is becoming a mermaid.

2. How did Clara and Maren come to Auntie?

Both of the girls came to Auntie in October. One stormy night, Auntie heard a knock at the door. When she opened the door no one was there. Then she noticed a large conch shell on the path. Inside was a baby girl wrapped in a seaweed blanket. The child was Maren. Three nights later, Auntie looked out the window to check the weather, and she saw a stork coming close to the house. Auntie ran out to meet him, and he put a cloth-covered bundle in her arms. It was Clara.

3. Who are Scarff and O'Neill?

Scarff and O'Neill are traveling merchants. They drive a house-wagon pulled by two horses, selling their wares from place to place.

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