Objects & Places from The Mermaid's Sister

Carrie Anne Noble
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These cover the floor of a wishing pool. They represent a wish that someone has made.


This is a wagon driven by Scarff and O’Neill. It carries the goods they sell and is also their home.

Golden locket

This has an apple tree design on it. It is a gift from O’Neill to Maren.


This is something that O’Neill creates for Clara. It contains personal symbols that are special to Clara.


This is something that Maren needs to survive once she begins to transform into a mermaid. A large quantity of this is purchased for the journey to the ocean.

Mermaid Enchantment Defense Tattoo

This is something that O’Neill and Jasper have to protect them from a mermaid’s enchantment.

Beloved Bondage Tea

This is something that the Phipps give O’Neill and Clara to make them stay and work...

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