The Mermaid's Sister Fun Activities

Carrie Anne Noble
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Books by Carrie Anne Noble

Read another book written by Noble.


Noble wrote the book to work through the grief of losing her sister. Discuss with a group some ways that you have worked through the loss of a loved one.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.

O'Neill's Painting

Draw a painting similar to the one that O'Neill drew for Clara.


Create a diorama of Scarff's caravan or Auntie's home.


Draw a portrait of Auntie, Scarff, O'Neill, Maren, and Clara.

Map It

Create a map showing places that the characters lived and traveled.

Mermaid, Stork, or?

Discuss with a group what you would like to transform into if you could become any creature that you wanted to be.

Sea Chest

Make a list of the items that you think were in the chest of treasure...

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