The Mermaid's Sister Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Carrie Anne Noble
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Chapters 1-6

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Noble, Carrie. The Mermaid’s Sister. Skyscape. 2015. Paperback.

• In Chapter 1 it is 1870 on Lianfair Mountain in Pennsylvania.

• Sixteen-year-old Clara sees the words “Wishing gets you nothing” carved into an old tree many years before. (7)

• Clara is wishing that her sister will come out of the pond where visitors have tossed pebbles for hundreds of years as payment to a water sprite for wishes.

• Maren has been below the surface of the pond for an hour.

• Bubbles rise from her mouth to the surface of the water.

• Osbert, a wyvern, comes to bring Clara and Maren home for dinner.

• Their Auntie has sent him.

• He grabs Maren from the water.

• Maren is turning into a mermaid, and she wonders if Clara will visit her in the sea.

• Maren and Clara live with Verity Amsell...

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