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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of map did Ricci print in 1602?

2. According to "Chapter One: Building the Palace", to what religious order did Matteo Ricci belong?

3. To whom did the Chinese emperor leave many matters to be handled?

4. In his book of memory, where did Ricci places the four memory images?

5. Who was the charismatic missionary to India who aimed to inspire the Asian missions of the Jesuits?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the training of Matteo Ricci before he arrived in China.

2. What had the Japanese done to make Ricci's life difficult?

3. Who was Alessandro Valignano and what did he think about the possibility of Asians and Japanese converting to Christianity?

4. What did Ricci do to the second idiograph and how did the meaning change?

5. When Ricci was a missionary in the 16th century, to what did Ricci compare the hand of God to the Chinese?

6. What were Ricci's rules for picking a location to store the information?

7. Does the author know with certainty where Ricci picked up the idea of mnemonic devices?

8. According to the author Jonathan D. Spence, how did the Chinese view the use of mnemonic devices?

9. Describe the first picture, "The Apostle in the Waves" that Ricci used to instruct the Chinese.

10. What were conditions in Ricci's home city of Macerata when he was a young boy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Matteo Ricci began as a Jesuit priest and followed its philosophy to perform missionary work. Research the original philosophy of the first Jesuits and explain how Ricci exemplified this mission. Use information from Chapter One: Building the Palace to get started.

Essay Topic 2

Ricci adapts the Chinese ideograph "wu" to explain the concept of peace. Explain the original meaning of "wu" and the way Ricci modified it. Discuss how the events in Ricci's life influenced this alteration.

Essay Topic 3

In the third picture, Ricci uses the story of Lot and the city of Sodom as an analogy to the rule and death of Pope Paul IV. Using these two characters and their stories, discuss the theme that power and weakness rise and fall together and political abuses of power destroy public morality and respect for tradition.

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