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Short Answer Questions

1. According to "Chapter Three, the First Picture: The Apostle in the Waves", why did Ricci alter the original Biblical story?

2. Where are the memory palaces that Ricci creates to be built?

3. From whom did Ricci devise this memory method?

4. What did Matteo Ricci teach the Chinese people?

5. According to the charismatic Jesuit missionary, whose mixture of "cruelty, dignity, depravity, and hypocrisy" would prevent them from truly living the faith?

Short Essay Questions

1. About what did Ricci's Chinese Christian converts complain?

2. Why does Matteo Ricci agree to use his mnemonic techniques to help Governor Lu's sons?

3. Who was Alessandro Valignano and what did he think about the possibility of Asians and Japanese converting to Christianity?

4. According to Spence, how did Ricci use the four images and four Chinese characters?

5. What were the names of the ships during Ricci's trip from Lisbon to Goa in 1578?

6. What did Ricci need the new image associated with the first picture "The Apostle in the Waves" to represent?

7. Does the author know with certainty where Ricci picked up the idea of mnemonic devices?

8. What was the new version of the story associated with the first picture "The Apostle in the Waves" that Ricci gave Cheng Dayue?

9. Where was the Memory Palace to be built?

10. When Ricci was a missionary in the 16th century, to what did Ricci compare the hand of God to the Chinese?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The last chapter of the book relies on imagery to convey Ricci's last look at the Memory Palace. Discuss the way the author appeals to the five senses and the way the imagery develops the summation of Ricci's life.

Essay Topic 2

Ricci adapts the Chinese ideograph "wu" to explain the concept of peace. Explain the original meaning of "wu" and the way Ricci modified it. Discuss how the events in Ricci's life influenced this alteration.

Essay Topic 3

The word "huihui" refers to different groups of Chinese and Ricci uses the ideograph "yao" to develop an image about the huihui for the Memory Palace. Research online or in the library for additional information about these two terms. Explain the meanings of the two words and the way Ricci adapts them.

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