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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six, The Third Image: Profit and Harvest.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the characters look in the second picture "The Road to Emmaus" that Ricci showed Cheng Dayue?
(a) Although they are in intense conversation, they seem still and frozen.
(b) The two disciples stand at the opening of the tomb and look frightened.
(c) Christ is shown in agony as his mother weeps and is supported in her grief by the two apostles.
(d) The six apostles are smiling as they hand out the food.

2. According to "Chapter Four, The Second Image: The Huihui", what concerned some Jesuits, including Ricci?
(a) The Counter-Reformation.
(b) The Reformation.
(c) The Inquisition.
(d) The Renaissance.

3. During the 16th century, how did the way Ignatius Loyola wanted students to learn affect Matteo Ricci?
(a) Ricci argued with his instructors about the method's futility.
(b) Ricci rose to the top of his class.
(c) Ricci developed his mnemonic technique.
(d) Ricci chose to become a Jesuit.

4. Why did Ricci wish he had more money during the 16th century when he was in China?
(a) To bribe government officials to leave his mission alone.
(b) To build a new church for his Christian converts.
(c) To provide more financial resources to the impoverished Chinese farmers.
(d) To buy books to further his plans for the conversion of the Chinese people.

5. What was the meaning of the third idiograph chosen by Ricci?
(a) Profit.
(b) Benefit.
(c) Loss.
(d) Gain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which one of these is NOT part of the location where Ricci placed the new image in the Memory Palace?

2. What was the new image of the idiograph of "wu"?

3. According to the charismatic Jesuit missionary, whose mixture of "cruelty, dignity, depravity, and hypocrisy" would prevent them from truly living the faith?

4. Which of the following did the Jesuits NOT do on the trip in 1578?

5. Who was the college teacher in Rome that maintained a correspondence with Ricci after Ricci left school?

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