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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two, The First Image: The Warriors.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Toward the end of his life, what irony struck Ricci about the Chinese?
(a) The Chinese feared foreign nations despite having a large population and large army.
(b) The Chinese in the cities embraced Catholicism before the people in the rural areas.
(c) The Chinese were better educated than the threatening nations.
(d) The Chinese sought to dominate smaller surrounding countries.

2. With whom were Macerata's rural poor fighting?
(a) City officials.
(b) Bandits.
(c) Landowners.
(d) The Catholic Church.

3. What did the Chinese seem to prefer in its military?
(a) Pomp and circumstance over actual combat.
(b) Diplomacy and nationalism over expansion.
(c) Expansion over diplomacy and nationalism.
(d) Actual combat over pomp and circumstance.

4. When did Ricci leave Macerata to study in Rome?
(a) 1574.
(b) 1658.
(c) 1607.
(d) 1568.

5. What were Ricci's rules for picking an area in the memory palace to store the new image of the idiograph "wu"?
(a) Find a clean and dry space.
(b) Find a quiet and small space.
(c) Find a large and wide space.
(d) Find a small and narrow space.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his book of memory, where did Ricci places the four memory images?

2. In what other way were mnemonic devices used during the 16th century?

3. Which war(s) did Ricci study that influenced his ideas about warfare?

4. How did the Chinese people respond to Ricci's mnemonic abilities?

5. How did Ricci use the first four memory images in his memory palace?

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