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Arts and Letters

The word "mnemosyne" means "memory" or "remembrance" and has become the title of many pieces of art or literature. Locate one of the following and either bring the item to class or prepare a short report to share with others.

• "Mnemosyne," a piece for solo bass flute and pre-recorded tape by Brian Ferneyhough

• "Mnemosyne," a poem by Friedrich H√∂lderlin.

• "Mnemosyne," a painting by Geoffrey Laurence

• "Mnemosyne," a photographic book by Bill Henson

Johnny Mnemonic

Watch the 1995 movie "Johnny Mnemonic," a sci-fi thriller starring Keanu Reaves about a courier with an overloaded memory chip implanted in his brain.

Renaissance Men

Shakespeare (1564-1616) and Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) both lived during the Renaissance, a great time of exploration and learning. Draw a time line of major events that occurred throughout the world from 1550 to 1620.

Mnemosyne - the Greek Goddess of Memory

Research the story of Mnemosyne, the...

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