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Essay Topic 1

Matteo Ricci began as a Jesuit priest and followed its philosophy to perform missionary work. Research the original philosophy of the first Jesuits and explain how Ricci exemplified this mission. Use information from Chapter One: Building the Palace to get started.

Essay Topic 2

Matteo Ricci was born in Italy during the Renaissance, a great period of learning and exploration. Using information from your research, discuss the main characteristics of the Renaissance and explain how Ricci's life was influenced by the events of this time.

Essay Topic 3

The use of mnemonic devices has a long history, including the Greeks using mnemonics to memorize poetry. Trace the history of mnemonic devices throughout history, including modern use today. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Who uses these techniques today? What does scientific research prove about its value?

Essay Topic 4

Ricci adapts the Chinese ideograph "wu" to explain the concept...

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