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Short Answer Questions

1. After Jack's lawyer gives the tenant the news, where does he go?

2. What does Mat think Jacks wishes are for a funeral service?

3. After Ruth's death, what did Jack worry about?

4. What made Clara not feel at home in Port William any more?

5. What is Jack's lawyer's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. After his accident on the flooded roadway, what had Jack decided to do?

2. What does Margaret Feltner tell Andy before he leaves?

3. What happened between Jack and Rose following Jack's decision that he made after the accident on the flooded road?

4. What happens to Jack after he has to rent out the farm?

5. How did the townspeople feel about Rose McInnis and her husband?

6. What happens in Chapter Nine when Jack goes back to his room?

7. What kind of funeral does Mat know Jack wanted to have?

8. After Wheeler gives Elton the news about the farm, what does Wheeler do?

9. How did people pay their respects to Jack at the Felter's house?

10. What was Ruth's reaction when she discovered her husband's infidelities?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the author's point in writing this novel? Clearly, Wendell Berry was trying to get a message to Americans through Jack's story. Write an essay that explains what you think Berry's point is and whether or not he was effective in making the point.

Essay Topic 2

Most of the novel shows that Jack is fraught with regret about things in this life. As he reflects on his life, it is apparent that he is not particularly happy with it, though perhaps he is content. The climax of the novel involves Jack's death. This combination does not necessarily make for a cheerful uplifting, novel. Write an essay that addresses the entire mood of the novel. Was the mood intended to be depressing? Did you find the mood inspiring? How effective was the mood in proving the author's point?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on Jack's wishes for Bible readings at his funeral. Mat seems to know what kind of funeral service Jack would have wanted. Although Jack wanted a simple service, Mat mentioned that Jack would have wanted the Psalms from the Bible read during this funeral. Does this surprise you, considering the fact that Jack never really paid attention during church? Why would Jack have wanted a religious funeral when religion did not play a part of his life other than something he did on Sunday mornings? Was a religious service something that the Port Williams people just did because it was the culture at the time, or did Jack really believe in the religion?

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