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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the very start of the novel, to what is Jack listening?
(a) His daughter cooking.
(b) Mat yelling at his son.
(c) Mat calling to his cows.
(d) His wife singning.

2. What did Jack do to escape his domestic misery?
(a) Talked to his wife to try to work things out.
(b) Sold his land piece by piece to anyone who would buy it.
(c) Threw himself into his work.
(d) Talked to his friends about how miserable he was.

3. What happened to Hannah Coulter's first husband?
(a) Left her for another woman.
(b) Died during World War I.
(c) Died during World War II.
(d) Died of typhoid fever.

4. What is the best description of Jack's relationship with Will Wells?
(a) They hated one another.
(b) They had an instinctual knowledge of what one another was doing.
(c) They spoke a lot about their personal lives to one another.
(d) Will liked Jack, but Jack did not like Will.

5. What is the reason for the support of some of the people regarding Andy's plans?
(a) They know he has no choice.
(b) They think he is very smart.
(c) His father supports his future plans.
(d) It is the way things are done in Port William.

6. As he rests and recalls his stillborn son, what does Jack remember hoping about that event?
(a) That they would have more children.
(b) That the doctor could cure the baby.
(c) That the baby wasn't really dead.
(d) That it would improve his marital relationship.

7. What is a horse breaker?
(a) A rancher who can separate a large group of wild horses.
(b) A person who trains a horse and makes it fit for whatever kind of work it is supposed to do.
(c) A veterinary specialist who kills horses that are dying.
(d) Someone who teaches people to saddle horses.

8. Why did Jack work tirelessly on the farm?
(a) Because the slaves left.
(b) To make his father happy.
(c) To get everything back into shape and to pay off his family's debts.
(d) To his wife happy.

9. What are Andy's plans?
(a) He is going off to college.
(b) Jack is going to sell Andy some land.
(c) Andy is going to get married.
(d) He is going to own the town store.

10. What does Jack remember about what occurred on the day after the mules arrived?
(a) Jack, Ben, and Mat went for a ride in the countryside.
(b) One of the mules died.
(c) Ben and Mat got in a fight.
(d) Jack and Ben went for a ride into town.

11. After Jack returned home following his overhearing McGrother laughing about him, what does he find?
(a) Mat waiting to talk some sense into him.
(b) McGrother waiting to apologize.
(c) His animals loose.
(d) His barn on fire.

12. What does everyone talk about during the group dinner?
(a) How everyone has been and what everyone is doing.
(b) Hannah's marital woes.
(c) Jack's memories.
(d) The fight between Jack and Will.

13. About how many years ago did the events of the memory occur?
(a) 1 year ago.
(b) 64 years ago.
(c) 5 years ago.
(d) 10 years ago.

14. What role did Ben play in Jack's life?
(a) Ben was a bad influence in Jack's life.
(b) Ben acted as life a brother to Jack.
(c) Ben taught Jack all he needed to know about farming.
(d) Ben acted as a substitute father for Jack.

15. How does Mat describe his relationship with Jack?
(a) Jack has not been a good friend to Mat.
(b) Jack has always been there for Mat when he needed him.
(c) Jack and Mat have always been competitive with one another.
(d) Jack and Mat were inseperable for a time.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Ruth feel about Jack doing all of the dirty tasks around the farm?

2. What time of the week did Jack take off from working?

3. What are Mat's feelings concerning Lightning Berlew?

4. In Jack's memory of the mules, how old is Mat?

5. What does Jack do after their daughter is born?

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