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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eleven, Here We Leave Him to His Rest, Chapter Twelve, Wheeler, and Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the climax of the frustration with Will?
(a) Mat breaking up the fight between Will and Jack.
(b) A physical fight with Will punching Jack.
(c) Ruth breaking up the fight between Will and Jack.
(d) Jack shooting Will.

2. In what way did Jack sacrifice for Clara?
(a) He provided a college education for her.
(b) He gave up his marriage for her.
(c) He purchased a store in town for her to run.
(d) He gave her the farm to run when he wanted to keep running it.

3. What does Jack remember about what occurred on the day after the mules arrived?
(a) Jack, Ben, and Mat went for a ride in the countryside.
(b) Ben and Mat got in a fight.
(c) Jack and Ben went for a ride into town.
(d) One of the mules died.

4. After Ben's death, how did Jack view Mat?
(a) Mat had grown into a man worthy of his father.
(b) He was showing signs of promise but then backtracked once his father died.
(c) Mat was irresponsible and still needed to grow up.
(d) Jack wanted to become the father Mat never had.

5. What is the best description of Rose and Jack's interaction with one another?
(a) Jack gossiped about her along with the rest of the people in the town, so they did not talk to one another.
(b) Jack hated her, but Rose liked him.
(c) There was an unspoken attraction between the two of the them.
(d) Their interactions were strictly business like.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened prior to Jack's marriage to his wife?

2. How old was jack when his mom died?

3. What object does Jack's lawyer see that has a picture of Jack's hero on it?

4. Why did Jack work tirelessly on the farm?

5. What does everyone talk about during the group dinner?

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