The Memory of Old Jack Character Descriptions

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Jack Beechum

This character was raised by a sister and had two brothers that died during the Civil War.

Mat Feltner

This character is a relative and good friend of the protagonist and is shown to possess an extraordinary amount emotional strength and insight.

Ben Feltner

This character helps to raise an unrelated child and is murdered.

Nancy Beechum / Feltner

This character is the only living sibling of the protagonist and helps to raise the protagonist.

Ruth Beechum

This character is physically beautiful but ends up with a disappointing marriage.


This character is competitive with the protagonist and laughs about the protagonist's misfortune.

Will Wells

This character is an African American hired to work for the protagonist.

Rose McInnis

This character has an affair with the protagonist and is killed in a fire.

Clara Beechum / Pettit

This character is an only child and once married becomes wealthy...

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