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Chapter One, Light

• Jack is on his porch listening to Mat call the cows.

• Jack hears some wagons start to move.

• Jack starts to remember the past when wagons were pulled by mules.
• Jack remembers a team of mules that he bought when he had taken control of the family farm.

• The mules were expensive, but Jack was proud of them and considered them as a present to himself.

• Ben and Mat came over to see the new mules the day after Jack bought them.

• Ben married Nancy, Jack's sister, and acted as a surrogate father to Jack.

• Jack's mother died when Jack was five years old, and Nancy acted as a surrogate mother to Jack.

• After Jack showed Mat and Ben the mules, they went for a walk in the countryside.
• Jack is brought out of his memories and remembers the present with disappointment.

• Jack goes to...

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