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Tony Judt
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Short Answer Questions

1. What were irresistible play places for boys?

2. Where was Judt living during the rationing years?

3. What shocked Judt in his time on the Golan Heights after the Six Days War?

4. Where is home according to the saying in "Putney"?

5. When did Joe have Judt parsing German sentences at?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did cars symbolize for Judt's generation in "Part One: Cars"?

2. What did Judt typically purchase when he was able to cook for himself?

3. What does Judt explain his love of?

4. What was painful to note for Judt?

5. What does Judt bring the reader through?

6. What did Judt struggle with and what did he thrive in?

7. What did his memory help him cope with?

8. What mainstream obsessions did Judt take part in according to "Part Two: Kibbutz"?

9. What is different about the Green Line today with that in the past?

10. What does Tony Judt explain about the essays in the collection in the "Preface"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the theory of mimetic desire and discuss whether you agree with or disagree with the theory and why.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss how Judt's explores the feud between Israelis and Palestinians.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Judt's experience of multicultural cuisine in Britain and the role his grandmother played.

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