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Tony Judt
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Short Answer Questions

1. What were cars representing for some born between the wars?

2. When did Cambridge start to accept female students?

3. Where is home according to the saying in "Putney"?

4. What provided visual relief and sound effect at Emanuel School in Battersea?

5. When did Judt return to the Kibbutz with his then girlfriend?

Short Essay Questions

1. What movement did Judt join in the 1960s?

2. What connection does Judt make in regards to the environment and his own history?

3. Why did Judt feel uncomfortable in his youth?

4. What was The Lord Warden?

5. What were many students uncomfortable with?

6. What does Judt spend the majority of the essay "Part One: Putney" describing?

7. What did cars symbolize for Judt's generation in "Part One: Cars"?

8. What happened when Judt was 10 years old?

9. What would happen once he was placed in his bed by his nurse?

10. What does Tony Judt explain about the essays in the collection in the "Preface"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the role that anti-Semitism played in the life of Tony Judt.

Essay Topic 2

Examine Judt's account of his history in the workforce and the theme from the essay "Work."

Essay Topic 3

Compare the revolutions at Cambridge with that of Polish and Czech students.

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