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Tony Judt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One: Austerity, Food.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unique to ALS compared to other neuron disorders?
(a) There is no pain and no loss of sensation.
(b) There is loss of sensations.
(c) Memories are the first to go.
(d) There is a great deal of pain.

2. What projects did the government commit itself to after the war that always failed?
(a) Large scale public housing.
(b) Education reform.
(c) Agricultural reform.
(d) Keeping the British Empire intact.

3. How old was Judt's sister during the foul language incident at the Chalet?
(a) Not 6 months old.
(b) Not 18 months old.
(c) Not 12 months old.
(d) Not 24 months old.

4. Where was Judt's mother raised in earshot of?
(a) The West India Docks.
(b) St Mary's Church.
(c) London's Central Market.
(d) London's Little Italy.

5. What memory technique does Judt use to improve his memory?
(a) The memory ruler.
(b) The reminder technique.
(c) The grand opening.
(d) The memory palace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What fuel was the most widely used during the post war?

2. What angle was Judt's bed reclined at?

3. What was Judt's mother's profession?

4. How old was Judt during the foul language incident at the Chalet?

5. Why are Judt's hands placed outside the blanket?

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