Objects & Places from The Memory Chalet

Tony Judt
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The Memory Chalet

This was a mnemonic device used to collect and store things about one's childhood and proved to be an effective tool

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

This slowly paralyzes a person, making him/her unable to walk, digest food, and speak.


This was where the author lived until the age of 10 and was where everyone knew one another.

The Green Bus Line

This was where two had enough time to speak to one another and created a strong sense of community as they passed through lush landscapes.

The Lord Warden

This was a ship with a route from England to France and was often traveled on for the purpose of duty free shopping for items not afforded through ration cards.


This is a Jewish faction that believes young Jews should return to Israel and live in settlements and reclaim the land that God promised...

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