Daily Lessons for Teaching The Memory Chalet

Tony Judt
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Lesson 1 (from Preface, The Memory Chalet, Night)


Preface, The Memory Chalet, Night

In the Preface of "The Memory Chalet" Tony Judt explains that his essays were not originally meant for publication. Judt began to write down his thoughts when his agents wanted to compile a manuscript for publication. The book is written as a memoir. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the genre of a memoir.


1) Pair Work: Discuss and Define: Students should discuss and define the terms "genre" and "memoir" and write a copy of each definition in their notebooks.

2) Class Discussion: What does Tony Judt explain about his essays? Why were they not meant for publication? What did Judt begin to write down? What did Judt begin to compile? What did his agents want to do? Why did his agents want him to compile a manuscript? What was he without? Why do you think this was significant?

3) Group...

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