The Memory Chalet Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Tony Judt
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Essay Topic 1

Examine Judt's diagnosis of ALS and how his memories helped him cope with his paralysis.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Judt's experience in living in a post-war society such as Britain.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the comparison Judt makes between Winston Churchill and George W. Bush.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss Judt's experience of multicultural cuisine in Britain and the role his grandmother played.

Essay Topic 5

Discuss the background of Czeslaw Milosz and his personal beliefs and Judts's interpretations regarding ketman.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss the theory of mimetic desire and discuss whether you agree with or disagree with the theory and why.

Essay Topic 7

Examine the social hierarchy in Britain and how they are mimicked according to "Mimetic Desire."

Essay Topic 8

Examine how Judt romanticizes nostalgia in "The Lord Warden" and analyze the symbols he uses.

Essay Topic 9

Discuss the role that anti-Semitism played in the life of Tony Judt.

Essay Topic 10

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