The Memory Chalet Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tony Judt
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Preface, The Memory Chalet, Night

• In the "Preface" Tony Judt explains the collection of essays were not intended for publication.

• Judt wrote his thoughts at the prodding of his agents who wanted to publish them.

• Judt was hesitant because the essays were not written with an internal editor.

• Judt listened and published the work "The Memory Chalet."

• In "The Memory Chalet" Judt discusses his vacations in Switzerland at a skiing resort.

• Judt had fond memories of his time there.

• Judt discusses the fond memories, like meeting celebrities of the time.

• Judt recalls intimate details of the chalet and describes each room in detail.

• The memory of the chalet allows him to cope with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

• In "Night" Judt describes what it is like to battle ALS and the painful imprisonment of the disease as you become paralyzed and digestion and breathing becomes difficult.

• Judt was able...

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