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Margaret George
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An encounter with a soothsayer makes Cleopatra fear that she is to be _______________________.
(a) the mother of an Emperor.
(b) assassinated before Antony returns.
(c) the last of the pharaohs to rule Egypt.
(d) the Roman Emperor.

2. Cleopatra believes that she is ___________________ mentioned in the Sibylline Leaves.
(a) the widow of Caesar.
(b) the Messiah.
(c) the Roman Emperor.
(d) the immortal beloved.

3. What revelation does Cleopatra make in Chapter 57?
(a) She is going to Rome.
(b) She is abdicating her throne.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She is dying.

4. What is one thing that Octavia uses to undermine Antony's power in Rome?
(a) His gambling problem.
(b) His support of Caesarion's claim to Rome.
(c) His alcohol abuse.
(d) His many affairs.

5. Who does Mardian recommend for Cleopatra but she finds no interest in?
(a) Fenuku.
(b) Archalaus.
(c) Marcus.
(d) Adofo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Antony is torn between his Roman heritage and ___________________.

2. To what city does Olympos volunteer to take Caesarion?

3. What do the Romans think will eventually be Antony's downfall?

4. When Cleopatra brings money to Antony, she transports it on _______ ships to minimize the risk of losing it all.

5. What does Cleopatra begin to build in Chapter 39?

Short Essay Questions

1. How has the love affair between Antony and Cleopatra proved to be detrimental to each of them?

2. Why is Cleopatra particularly disappointed in the contents of Caesar's will?

3. What is another reason that Marc Antony has requested Cleopatra's presence in Rome?

4. How does Cleopatra try to give the illusion of control while funding Antony's military campaigns?

5. What are the events that lead up to the marriage of Antony and Cleopatra?

6. What are Cleopatra's expectations of Marc Antony once they have initiated an intimate relationship?

7. Why does Cleopatra take offense to something Mardian says regarding Cleopatra's need to re-marry?

8. What is the tradition of marriage in Cleopatra's family?

9. What does Cleopatra name the son she has with Marc Antony?

10. What is Cleopatra's behavior like when she sets her sights on a man?

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