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Margaret George
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cleopatra think that Caesar has brought her to Rome?
(a) To kill Caesarion.
(b) To marry her.
(c) To imprison her.
(d) For some personal political gain.

2. After she arrives in Rome, how does Cleopatra feel about making the trip?
(a) She is sure it is the right thing to do.
(b) She has doubts about it.
(c) She is happy to be there.
(d) She loves the culture.

3. Who is the boy who takes care of animals and becomes Cleopatra's friend?
(a) Moshe.
(b) Masud.
(c) Moses.
(d) Mardian.

4. How old is Cleopatra at the time of the memory?
(a) 11.
(b) 3.
(c) 21.
(d) 34.

5. Which famous warrior does Cleopatra dream about which concerns her?
(a) Leonidas.
(b) Xerxes.
(c) Ghengis Khan.
(d) Alexander.

6. What do Cleopatra's men do with the two pirates they capture?
(a) Torture them.
(b) Throw them overboard.
(c) Poison them.
(d) Hold them to take to Caesar.

7. Whose home does Cleopatra visit during the festival?
(a) Marcus Aurelius'.
(b) Octavion's.
(c) Caesar's.
(d) Marc Antony's.

8. Why does Caesar arrive in Alexandria?
(a) To conquer the land.
(b) To learn the language.
(c) To take a holiday.
(d) To revenge Pompey's death.

9. What do Cleopatra and Caesarion see for the first time in Rome?
(a) Gladiators.
(b) Snow.
(c) Gondolas.
(d) Stained glass.

10. There is an upheaval in the government as some call for Caesar _____________________.
(a) to accept a higher power within government.
(b) to banish Cleopatra.
(c) go into exile.
(d) to abdicate.

11. What is the formal name of Cleopatra's new son?
(a) Ptolemy Ain.
(b) Caesar Augustus.
(c) Gaius Caesar.
(d) Ptolemy Caesar.

12. Which of the following is NOT true about Cleopatra's sister, Berenice?
(a) She is aided by Rome.
(b) She is publicly executed.
(c) She had twins.
(d) She is overthrown.

13. What does Caesar do at the pyramids?
(a) He has his portrait painted.
(b) He launches a battle.
(c) He has a statue commissioned.
(d) He falls unconscious.

14. What is Cleopatra's physical condition when she sails for Egypt?
(a) She has malaria.
(b) She has tuberculosis.
(c) She has epilepsy.
(d) She is pregnant.

15. What is the nickname of Cleopatra's son?
(a) Caesar Jr.
(b) Auggie.
(c) Caesarion.
(d) Gai.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is named as Caesar's heir in his will?

2. Cleopatra's pregnancy ends in _________________.

3. Why does Cleopatra decide to leave Caesar's celebration?

4. What island does Caesar return to be ruled by Egypt?

5. Who is Cleopatra's female servant who travels with her when she is away at Gaza?

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