Objects & Places from The Memoirs of Cleopatra: A Novel

Margaret George
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Alexandria, Egypt

Where Cleopatra lives and rules.

The Nile

The main river through Egypt, it is used as a route for travel.


Where Cleopatra and Caesar exchange wedding vows.


Where Caesar is ruler at the time of Cleopatra's first visit and where she later returns to meet with Marc Antony.

The Tiber

The river in Rome that Cleopatra says is like a child's toy compared to the Nile of Egypt.

Tullianum Prison

Where Arinsoe is held as a Roman prisoner.


Where Caesarion sees a depiction of himself as an adult pharaoh.


Where Cleopatra and Antony meet after the twins are born.

The Temple of Isis

Where Cleopatra and Antony are married.


Where Cleopatra meets with Herod.

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