The Memoirs of Cleopatra: A Novel Multiple Choice Test Questions

Margaret George
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Chapters 1 through 12

1. What is Cleopatra remembering as the story opens?
(a) Her mother's drowning.
(b) Her first love.
(c) Her coronation.
(d) Her upcoming wedding.

2. How old is Cleopatra at the time of the memory?
(a) 34.
(b) 3.
(c) 21.
(d) 11.

3. As a child, Cleopatra is taken to the throne of ______________ and told that she is her daughter.
(a) Isis.
(b) Nut.
(c) Ma'at.
(d) Osiris.

4. What is the name of one of Cleopatra's older sisters?
(a) Kakra.
(b) Acenath.
(c) Cleopatra.
(d) Eboni.

5. Cleopatra's younger stepsister is named _________________.
(a) Kesi.
(b) Nubia.
(c) Moswen.
(d) Arisonoe.

6. What nationality is Pompey the Great?
(a) Egyptian.
(b) Spanish.
(c) Roman.
(d) French.

7. What does Pompey the Great say about the seven-year-old Cleopatra?
(a) She is a special joy.
(b) She is an enchanting child.
(c) She is impudent.
(d) She has eyes as black as midnight.

8. Who accompanies Cleopatra and Pompey on a tour of the city?
(a) Zahur.
(b) Ngozi.
(c) Sekani.
(d) Olympos.

9. What is the name of both of Cleopatra's brothers?
(a) Ptolemy.
(b) Bakari.
(c) Yahya.
(d) Hanif.

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