The Memoirs of Cleopatra: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Margaret George
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Chapters 1 through 12

• Cleopatra recalls that at the age of three, she witnessed her own mother's murder by drowning and her nurse taking her to the throne of the goddess, Isis, and being told that she is now the daughter of Isis.

• Cleopatra has two elder sisters--Cleopatra and Berenice--as well as a step-sister and two step-brothers.

• When she is seven years old, Cleopatra takes an interest in her father's ruling of Egypt and meets Pompey the Great.

• Cleopatra is befriended by boys named Olympos and Mardian, who introduce her to the world outside the royal home.
• Over the following years, the Romans continue to be a part of Egyptian life with the exile of Cleopatra's father and ultimate execution of Berenice, whose aspirations and betrayal are her downfall.

• After his return from exile, Cleopatra's father names her co-ruler and she learns her role and is ready to assume leadership...

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