The Medical Detectives Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Berton Roueché
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Eleven Blue Men

• In 1944, 11 elderly men in Manhattan turn blue from a mysterious illness.

• It's discovered that an ingredient mixup was the cause.

A Pig From Jersey

• Herman Sauer, a dishwasher, is diagnosed with trichinosis.

• The illness came from testing uncooked sausage before cooking it.

A Game of Wild Indians

• 1946 - 3 people in Manhattan were diagnosed with typhoid fever.

• The fruit from Tony's market was contaminated, leading to the outbreak.

The Incurable Wound

• 1951 - A Texas woman was admitted to a hospital with a myriad of symptoms.

• The woman died a few days later, of rabies from a bat bite.


• Some people are allergic to aspirin.

• Aspirin inhibits hormone like substances that cause pain, aches, and fevers.

The Liberace Room

• School children in Arkansas became ill.

• A bird in the classroom, Liberace, had a disease, but did not pass it on.

• Coal from a shipment had blown...

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