The Maze Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why has Rick been brought before a judge, what does he say about his actions and how does the judge view Rick?

Rick Walker is brought before Nevada judge Samuel L. Bendix for throwing rocks at a stop sign. Rick doesn't know why he threw the rocks. When he tells the judge that he doesn't know, the judge thinks he is conscienceless and compares him to a murderer.

2. What does Rick's social worker tell the judge about Rick's life, and about how well the social worker knows Rick?

He was raised by his grandmother, who died when he was ten. In the following four years, he was in foster homes in four California cities, and now lives in a group home in Reno. Mike Brown tells the judge that he doesn't know the boy well. He's only visited the group home three times in the six weeks Rick has been there.

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