The Maze Runner Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Dashner
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Chapters 1 - 3

• In Chapter One, Thomas finds himself trapped in an elevator that jolts alive and lurches upward, knocking him onto the floor.

• Thomas can only remember his first name; he doesn’t know how he got here, who he was, or who his parents were.

• The lift stops and a light appears from the roof; Thomas hears someone say that it is a one-way ticket and there is no ticket back.

• Suddenly, Thomas sees a group of boys above him; a rope is lowered and Thomas climbs out.

• One of the boys greets Thomas, calling him a shank, and welcomes him to the Glade.

• In Chapter Two, Thomas can see that there are fifty boys wearing dirty, sweaty clothes like workers.

• The boys are in a large courtyard surrounded by four huge stone walls that are hundreds of feet high; there are openings in each of the...

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