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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which vessel is the flagship of the squadron?
(a) Raisonable.
(b) Nereide.
(c) Leopard.
(d) Boadicea.

2. What are the gardens like around Aubrey's home?
(a) Average.
(b) Lush.
(c) There are no gardens.
(d) Failing.

3. Who does Maturin accidentally meet?
(a) Mrs. Williams.
(b) Barrett Bonden.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Mrs. Bertie.

4. What is bothering Aubrey's family?
(a) Stress and penury.
(b) The war.
(c) Maturin's visit.
(d) Aubrey's inventions being stolen.

5. How does Aubrey find life at home?
(a) Uninteresting and boring.
(b) Fun.
(c) Restful.
(d) Exciting.

6. For what is Stephen Maturin most known?
(a) As a physician.
(b) As a general.
(c) As a lawyer.
(d) As a professor.

7. What French frigate does Aubrey capture near La Reunion?
(a) Caroline.
(b) Hauteur.
(c) Sierris.
(d) Noblise.

8. What is one thing Aubrey does in preparation for sailing?
(a) Spends several days alone with Sophie.
(b) Fires his midshipmen.
(c) Interviews his captains and officers.
(d) Gets drunk three days in a row.

9. What does Sophie ask Maturin to do?
(a) Lend her some money.
(b) Talk to Aubrey about having another child.
(c) Provide medical care for her sister.
(d) Locate some command for Aubrey.

10. What does Aubrey use his station of commodore to do?
(a) To fire Corbett.
(b) To have his wife on board.
(c) To order fine wines.
(d) To request Bonden and Killick, his personal coxswain and steward, be reassigned to his crew.

11. What does Aubrey do about Corbett and Clonfert?
(a) Have them flogged and demoted.
(b) Send Clonfert to England.
(c) Court martial both of them.
(d) Sends Corbett back to England with a captured ship.

12. What kind of Captain is Corbett known to be?
(a) A good seaman but lax with his sailors.
(b) An easy going man.
(c) Someone to respect but doesn't like to kill.
(d) A rigid disciplinarian and a fighting captain.

13. On what island does Maturin first land?
(a) Carolinia.
(b) LeFleua.
(c) La ReUnion.
(d) Rodriquez.

14. Who arrives with Aubrey's orders?
(a) A young sailor.
(b) An official Admiralty messenger.
(c) A pigeon.
(d) A telegram carrier.

15. What does Bertie give Captain Aubrey?
(a) Several official honors.
(b) A new command.
(c) A new stripe.
(d) A reprimand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of mental stress is Maturin fighting?

2. What has been garrisoned by British soldiers?

3. Where does Aubrey send the two captured French ships?

4. What has been holding Napoleon back?

5. What does Aubrey insinuate about Lord Clonfert?

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