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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what use does Aubrey grind lenses?
(a) For magnifying glasses.
(b) For eye glasses.
(c) For binoculars.
(d) For telescopes.

2. What kind of Captain is Corbett known to be?
(a) An easy going man.
(b) A good seaman but lax with his sailors.
(c) Someone to respect but doesn't like to kill.
(d) A rigid disciplinarian and a fighting captain.

3. Who has been captured?
(a) Several additional Indiamen.
(b) Maturin.
(c) Captain Bligh.
(d) Admiral Nelson.

4. What does Bertie give Aubrey permission to do?
(a) To leave without official orders.
(b) To hoist a commodore's broad pendant aboard Boadicea.
(c) To belay the last orders Aubrey received.
(d) To comandeer any French vessel.

5. How are the men on the Néréide responding to their Captain?
(a) Enthusiastically.
(b) Indifferently.
(c) Near mutiny.
(d) Agressively.

6. What do McAdam and Maturin discuss?
(a) Aubrey's strange personality.
(b) Corbett's strange personality.
(c) Maturin's love of nature.
(d) Clonfert's strange personality.

7. With whom will Matuin be traveling to Mauritius?
(a) Lord Byrity.
(b) Mr. Coleman.
(c) Mr. Farquhar.
(d) Mr. Dabney.

8. Of what does McAdam say Clonfert's physical ailments are the result?
(a) Horseback accident as a child.
(b) Mental distress.
(c) Genetics.
(d) Old war wounds.

9. What does Maturin call tormina?
(a) A muscle cramp in the thigh.
(b) A headache band around the forehead.
(c) Physcial cramping and anxiety.
(d) The inability to catch one's breath.

10. What kind of ship is the Néréide?
(a) A sloop.
(b) A forty-eight gun Longship.
(c) A battle cruiser.
(d) A thirty-six gun frigate.

11. Who is Dr. McAdam?
(a) Aubrey's surgeon.
(b) Clonfert's personal physician and ship's surgeon.
(c) Corbett's personal physician and ship's surgeon.
(d) Maturin's mentor.

12. In what year does this book take place?
(a) 1810.
(b) 1797.
(c) 1803.
(d) 1832.

13. How did Lady Clonfert find out about Aubrey's command?
(a) Her father is Captain of another ship.
(b) The rumor mill.
(c) She is a friend of the Prime Minister.
(d) Her husband is an admiral.

14. How would Aubrey describe his wife's mother?
(a) A gentle soul.
(b) Quiet and unassuming.
(c) Sweet but not very bright.
(d) A loudmouthed and overbearing woman.

15. In what type of home does Captain Aubrey live?
(a) A country cottage.
(b) A castle.
(c) A farmhouse.
(d) A townhouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will happen in Mauritius if the British military campaign is successful?

2. What does Maturin do on the first island on which he goes ashore?

3. Who arrives with Aubrey's orders?

4. What imaginary line does Aubrey cross on his way to Mauritius?

5. How does Aubrey feel about Mr. Farquhar?

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