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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What imaginary line does Aubrey cross on his way to Mauritius?
(a) The South Pole meridian.
(b) The line of demarcation.
(c) The equator.
(d) The north-south transit line.

2. With whom will Matuin be traveling to Mauritius?
(a) Mr. Coleman.
(b) Mr. Dabney.
(c) Mr. Farquhar.
(d) Lord Byrity.

3. What will happen in Mauritius if the British military campaign is successful?
(a) A naval base will be established there.
(b) It will be left alone with a nominal British force left there.
(c) It will return to the native population.
(d) An English governor will be installed.

4. What does Maturin call tormina?
(a) A muscle cramp in the thigh.
(b) A headache band around the forehead.
(c) The inability to catch one's breath.
(d) Physcial cramping and anxiety.

5. What is the state of Clonfert's ship?
(a) In dry dock.
(b) Listing heavily from a poorly-loaded hold.
(c) Heavily decorated in bizarre fineries.
(d) Missing a mizzenmast.

6. Of what does McAdam say Clonfert's physical ailments are the result?
(a) Mental distress.
(b) Genetics.
(c) Old war wounds.
(d) Horseback accident as a child.

7. How does Aubrey feel about Mr. Farquhar?
(a) He is somewhat tedious but generally agreeable.
(b) He is too aggressive.
(c) He is insane.
(d) He is quite interesting.

8. Who is Colonel Keating?
(a) The infantry commander.
(b) The British governor of Cape Town.
(c) Executive officer of the British marines.
(d) Head of the British calvery.

9. What kind of Captain is Corbett known to be?
(a) An easy going man.
(b) A good seaman but lax with his sailors.
(c) A rigid disciplinarian and a fighting captain.
(d) Someone to respect but doesn't like to kill.

10. With what is Clonfert well acquainted?
(a) Fighting pirates.
(b) The shores and locales of the islands.
(c) Decorating his stateroom.
(d) Military protocal.

11. Why does Matuin tell Aubrey he has to go to Mauritius?
(a) They are going to Russia.
(b) They are withdrawing from Italy.
(c) The French have put a strong naval force there.
(d) They are going to cross the channel.

12. What does Aubrey do with the ship as it sails towards Cape Town?
(a) Re-rigs the sails and re-stows the hold.
(b) Calls general quarters every three hours.
(c) Has the men re-paint her.
(d) Keeps her guns cleaned and unfired.

13. In what year does this book take place?
(a) 1810.
(b) 1797.
(c) 1832.
(d) 1803.

14. Who does Maturin accidentally meet?
(a) Barrett Bonden.
(b) Mrs. Williams.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Mrs. Bertie.

15. What is a characteristic of McAdam?
(a) He smokes heavily.
(b) He is effeminate.
(c) He is timid.
(d) He drinks heavily.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ship has Aubrey been given to command?

2. What French frigate does Aubrey capture near La Reunion?

3. In what type of home does Captain Aubrey live?

4. What does Aubrey learn?

5. What does Aubrey insinuate about Lord Clonfert?

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