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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Claude think his painting of the dead Jacques may be accepted by the Salon committee?

2. What time does Claude return to his studio home?

3. After the Salon, how does Claude behave?

4. Who lives directly across from Fagerolles's small but well appointed mansion?

5. What does Claude seem to taunt Christine about from gossip he has heard?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay of at least two typed, double-spaced pages on the topic of symbolism in painting. Note in your essay that the nude woman in Claude's paintings represented something in his mind that completely went over the heads of the public. Since classic painting and sculpture had represented the nude body for centuries, what was it about Claude's nude figures that caused the public to laugh at his work?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay of at least two typed, double-spaced pages on the topic of art in the grotesque. Discuss how the painting of the Dead Child is, in fact, a serious work of art. How does this address the idea that the purpose of art is not limited to being pretty. How should a person look at a work like the Dead Child? Why would Claude, the artist, not understand how such a painting could be ignored and dismissed?

Essay Topic 3

Write a critique of the novel. Discuss Zola's style and use of language, giving specific examples. Include the autobiographical nature of Sandoz as Zola himself. Express how you feel about the suspense of the novel and whether it makes you not want to put it down. Conclude with your recommendation for others to read THE MASTERPIECE.

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