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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who lives directly across from Fagerolles's small but well appointed mansion?
(a) Naudet.
(b) Bongrand.
(c) Irma Bécot.
(d) Pierre and Henriette.

2. What distresses Christine when Claude returns home from the Salon?
(a) his unusually happy manner.
(b) his refusal to take her to the Salon.
(c) his strange and cold manner.
(d) his attempt to destroy his large unfinished canvas.

3. Why does Claude do a smaller version of his large painting?
(a) to submit to the Salon.
(b) to check his colors.
(c) to practice his new brush strokes.
(d) to show Bongrand.

4. What does Claude seem to taunt Christine about from gossip he has heard?
(a) that Mme. Vandaze died and left fortunes to her servants.
(b) that she was too stupid to find a job.
(c) that a man was coming to the studio when Claude was away.
(d) that God cursed her with an unnatural child.

5. When Christine suggests they go away somewhere to be happy, what is Claude's reply?
(a) that he can only be happy in his studio.
(b) hat he does not want to be happy, he only wants to paint.
(c) that he will think about it.
(d) that she sounds just like Sandoz.

Short Answer Questions

1. What idea does Sandoz have that he thinks might change things for Claude?

2. How does Christine begin to resent Jacques?

3. Why is Sandoz being successful as a novelist?

4. What happens on the wedding night?

5. Why is Christine under so much nervous tension after they get back to Paris?

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