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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens on the wedding night?
(a) Claude is unable to make love to Christine.
(b) Christine goes to bed alone and Claude sketches.
(c) It is like old times in the country.
(d) Jacques gets sick and Christine has to stay with him.

2. Which friends of Claude's show up at the funeral?
(a) only Sandoz and Bongrand.
(b) all his old friends.
(c) fifty relatives from Plassans.
(d) no one.

3. Why are Sandoz and Claude depressed after visiting Dubuche in the country?
(a) he has been reduced to a disrespected care giver.
(b) he has become so important that he has no time for them.
(c) he has gone into politics in the provinces.
(d) he has become a snobbish art dealer.

4. After the party at Sandoz's house, what does Christine do when Claude orders her to return home?
(a) she follows Claude to Irma's house.
(b) she follows Claude to just outside the Beaux-Arts.
(c) she follows Claude to the top of a tall building.
(d) she follows Claude to where he stands on a bridge.

5. After the Salon, how does Claude behave?
(a) he throws himself back into his large painting.
(b) he puts on a façade of not caring.
(c) he happily shows himself in public.
(d) he refuses to see anyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Christine under so much nervous tension after they get back to Paris?

2. What distresses Christine when Claude returns home from the Salon?

3. Who takes charge of the funeral and getting Christine to the hospital?

4. When Christine awakes to find Claude gone, where does she find him?

5. What do Sandoz and Bongrand have to say about Claude's early works of art?

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