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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Claude's friends react to his latest painting?
(a) they think it is too small for a work by Claude.
(b) they look at it but do not comment.
(c) they hail it as a masterpiece.
(d) they want him to offer it to Naudet.

2. To stay close to Claude and fight her rival, the painting, what does Christine decide to do?
(a) take a knife to the painting.
(b) be his nude model for the painting.
(c) discourage Claude by saying it is not good.
(d) clean his brushes and make great meals.

3. When Christine opens the door of the bedroom, what is Claude doing?
(a) he is ripping up his large canvas.
(b) he is furiously painting his vision of the Ile de la Cité.
(c) he is scraping off the paint on his large canvas.
(d) he is drinking cognac and weeping.

4. What happens on the wedding night?
(a) Claude is unable to make love to Christine.
(b) Jacques gets sick and Christine has to stay with him.
(c) It is like old times in the country.
(d) Christine goes to bed alone and Claude sketches.

5. When Christine awakes to find Claude gone, where does she find him?
(a) dressing to go out into the cold.
(b) sitting by the fire drinking wine.
(c) hanging from the ladder in front of his painting.
(d) lying in Jacques's small bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time does Claude return to his studio home?

2. What distresses Christine when Claude returns home from the Salon?

3. Why does Claude do a smaller version of his large painting?

4. What idea does Sandoz have that he thinks might change things for Claude?

5. What is it that Claude does not know while he waits to see if the Dead Child will be included in the Salon?

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