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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although Bongrand now only paints what interests him, why can the Beaux-Arts not overlook him?
(a) because of his earlier masterpiece.
(b) because of his great contributions of money.
(c) because of his great popularity.
(d) because of his reputation for vengeance.

2. What causes Claude and Pierre to nudge each other in front of the Herbal Shop?
(a) the ugly sculpture of a starving child.
(b) the smell coming from the shop.
(c) their friend, Mahoudeau, coming out of the shop.
(d) the thin and dark woman staring at them from the shop.

3. What is Jory's excuse for not writing about anyone in the group?
(a) he is waiting to spring them on the public later.
(b) he is being paid to write only about Beauz-Arts artists.
(c) he thinks his endorsement would hurt them.
(d) they are unpopular and he is not writing for his own paper.

4. How does Claude think Irma has changed?
(a) from an innocent girl into a weathered hag.
(b) from a possible model into a fat disaster.
(c) from a trollop into a lady.
(d) from a common guttersnipe into a "courtesan by Titian."

5. Why does Claude take the young woman to his studio?
(a) he expects to hire her as a maid.
(b) he wants her to sleep with him.
(c) he wants to use her as a madel.
(d) he feels he cannot leave her outside in the storm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Claude go for a cheap lunch?

2. What does Bongrand have to say about Fagerolles's painting?

3. How does Claude react to Jory's comments about his painting?

4. What style of art is preferred by the École des Beaux-Arts?

5. As the novel opens, what is the condition of the weather?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the character of Claude develops in the novel, what appears to be his greatest fault?

2. Describe the image of Claude, Sandoz, Jory, and Chaîne marching through the streets of Paris.

3. In what way does the reader understand that Claude is first and foremost an artist?

4. Describe the attraction Jory has developed for Mathilde.

5. Discuss the Salon des Refusés.

6. Describe how Claude further distances himself from Christine and Jacques.

7. Describe the mood at the beginning of the novel.

8. After returning to Paris, what indicates that Claude is taking Christine for granted and no longer has a romantic love for her?

9. How does Zola show that the young woman is a proper young lady and not a trollop as Claude suspects?

10. How is history repeated with Claude and his huge canvas?

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