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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Christine resist sightseeing in Paris with Claude?
(a) she worries he will take her to a hotel.
(b) she worries she might run into her employer.
(c) she worries she will lose track of time.
(d) she still worries about being out with a man.

2. What does the young woman think about the art she sees in the studio?
(a) she thinks it is violent.
(b) she thinks it is romantic.
(c) she thinks it is childish.
(d) she thinks it is beautiful.

3. Because it is Thursday, what event will take place in the evening?
(a) fireworks on the Seine.
(b) a lecture at the Beaux-Arts.
(c) dinner at Pierre's house.
(d) the meeting of the Salon.

4. Although Bongrand now only paints what interests him, why can the Beaux-Arts not overlook him?
(a) because of his great contributions of money.
(b) because of his great popularity.
(c) because of his earlier masterpiece.
(d) because of his reputation for vengeance.

5. Where does Claude go for a cheap lunch?
(a) the Fruit and Vegetable Shop.
(b) a hotdog stand.
(c) a third rate wine-shop.
(d) Pierre's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Irma become angry with Claude during a visit to his studio?

2. Who does Claude see who pretends he has not seen Claude's painting?

3. How does Claude react to Jory's comments about his painting?

4. Which of Claude's friends do he and Christine see in the street?

5. Back in Paris, Claude returns to walking the streets and leaves what up to Christine?

Short Essay Questions

1. After returning to Paris, what indicates that Claude is taking Christine for granted and no longer has a romantic love for her?

2. Describe how Claude begins to change his attitude toward living in the country.

3. How does Dubuche's appearance at the Thursday night gathering indicate his ultimate destruction as an avant-guarde architect?

4. What is another evidence of how the Open air group is drifting apart?

5. What is the showdown between Christine and the nude woman in Claude's painting?

6. Explain the result of Claude's and Christine's visit to the country.

7. In what way does the reader understand that Claude is first and foremost an artist?

8. What is it that frightens Christine about Claude?

9. How has Fagerolles become swallowed up by the commercial world of art?

10. Describe Claude's continuing struggle to be accepted by the art circles in Paris.

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