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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After renewing his association with Sandoz, what is Claude incessantly talking about?
(a) going to study in Italy.
(b) the École des Beaux-Arts.
(c) how Mahoudeau and Chaîne killed off Jabouille.
(d) people in Paris Christine has never known.

2. Why is Claude told not to bring Christine to the Thursday night dinners?
(a) because she is too uncouth.
(b) because they quarrel too much.
(c) because they are not married.
(d) because she needs to be with Jacques.

3. Where does Claude find Ganière after the dinner at Pierre's house?
(a) walking the street in front of Irma's house.
(b) sleeping under a bridge across the Seine.
(c) at their old table in the Café Baudequin.
(d) sitting alone on a park bench.

4. Why does Christine pack up everything to return to Paris?
(a) to live in a warm apartment during the winter.
(b) to put Jacques in a good school.
(c) to get herself a job to support Claude.
(d) to save Claude and save her marriage.

5. Because it is Thursday, what event will take place in the evening?
(a) fireworks on the Seine.
(b) the meeting of the Salon.
(c) dinner at Pierre's house.
(d) a lecture at the Beaux-Arts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does an old man in the woods offer Claude and Christine?

2. What two agonies does Sandoz mention that Claude is all too familiar with?

3. What does Claude recognize about the group that still comes together for the Thursday night soirees?

4. What suggestion does Pierre make to Claude about Christine?

5. When was the beginnings of the Bohemian lifestyle of Claude and Pierre?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the atmosphere of the country begin to change for Claude and Christine?

2. How does the reader understand that Claude earns a subsistence?

3. How does Fagerolles manage to get Claude's painting of the Dead Child included in the Salon proper?

4. Describe the mood at the beginning of the novel.

5. How does the foreshadowed tragedy come to pass?

6. How does Dubuche's appearance at the Thursday night gathering indicate his ultimate destruction as an avant-guarde architect?

7. How do Christine and Claude react differently to tragedy?

8. How does the reader know that Christine has been thinking of Claude since the night she spent in his studio?

9. Describe how Claude further distances himself from Christine and Jacques.

10. What is the scene in the the Café Baudequin that adds to the image of defeat for the open air school of thought?

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