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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does she notice about Claude's Open Air painting?
(a) the nude woman's body looks like hers.
(b) there is no head on the body of a nude woman.
(c) there is no body under the head of a nude woman.
(d) her head has been painted on the body of a nude woman.

2. Ready to leave, what does the young woman do?
(a) she attempts to clean up the studio.
(b) she offers to cook breakfast.
(c) she begs Claude to escort her to the train station.
(d) she asks Claude for money.

3. Where does Claude want to exhibit his painting?
(a) on the sidewalks of Paris.
(b) the Louvre.
(c) the Salon at the École des Beaux-Arts.
(d) the Luxemburg Museum.

4. Rejected for the Prix de Rome, what is Fagerolles now painting?
(a) slick, compromising pictures.
(b) copies of Claude's work.
(c) houses.
(d) postcards.

5. What ironic switch in attitude occurs when Christine finally agrees to go in public with Claude?
(a) now he worries they will run into his friends.
(b) now he worries that they will run into her employer.
(c) now he worries that he has no money.
(d) now he worries that they will run into Irma.

Short Answer Questions

1. What convinces Claude he still has a vestige of romanticism in his veins?

2. Why does Irma become angry with Claude during a visit to his studio?

3. What style of art is preferred by the École des Beaux-Arts?

4. Where does Irma say Fagerolles and Jory grew out of?

5. What is Bongrand's lament about art dealers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How have the fortunes turned for Irma Bécot?

2. What is the showdown between Christine and the nude woman in Claude's painting?

3. Explain the result of Claude's and Christine's visit to the country.

4. What happens when Sandoz takes Claude back to visit the country where he once lived?

5. What is the physical evidence that Dubuche has already deserted to the enemy?

6. How does the reader understand that Claude earns a subsistence?

7. How does Claude hurt Christine deeply with his complaint about her dinner?

8. How is the decision made to return to Paris?

9. In what way is Christine's response to their love making a believable part of the story?

10. How does Zola's novel parallel the realism that Sandoz believes novels should portray?

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