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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Chaîne working on while the others visit in Mahoudeau's studio?
(a) a wood carving of a squirrel.
(b) a portrait of Mathilde.
(c) a picture of the old stove in the studio.
(d) cooking a pot of beans.

2. What does Bongrand do before Claude sees his work hanging in the Salon des Refusés?
(a) he gives Claude high praise.
(b) he withdraws his own painting.
(c) he takes Claude to tea.
(d) he laughs in Claude's face.

3. What two agonies does Sandoz mention that Claude is all too familiar with?
(a) criticism and doubt.
(b) time and money.
(c) fame and poverty.
(d) torment and dispair.

4. When does Claude finally break down and admit his hurt and disappointment?
(a) when he returns home and finds Christine there.
(b) when he is alone with Sandoz.
(c) when Bongrand tries to cheer him up.
(d) when a small child begins to laugh at the painting.

5. Why were girls not allowed in their group of friends back in the village?
(a) because they slept on the ground overnight.
(b) because of their dislike of girls.
(c) because they were in an all boys school.
(d) because of their shyness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strange commission does Claude get from Malgras?

2. Where do Claude and Christine go on a short trip?

3. What gift does Christine send Claude just before his opening in the Salon des Refusés?

4. What does the young woman think about the art she sees in the studio?

5. Besides Jory, who else is vying for the attention of Mathilde?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Claude begins to change his attitude toward living in the country.

2. Explain the result of Claude's and Christine's visit to the country.

3. What is the pathos of Claude's funeral?

4. What is the physical evidence that Dubuche has already deserted to the enemy?

5. How have the fortunes turned for Irma Bécot?

6. As the character of Claude develops in the novel, what appears to be his greatest fault?

7. When Claude finally locates his painting, how does he once again feel rejected?

8. Describe how Claude further distances himself from Christine and Jacques.

9. Describe the mood at the beginning of the novel.

10. How have things changed for Fagerolles?

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