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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sandoz point out to Claude?
(a) that the Dead Child is the only original thing hanging.
(b) that no one is laughing at him now.
(c) the many paintings using his open air style.
(d) that the critics are all looking at his painting.

2. What time does Claude return to his studio home?
(a) a week later.
(b) the next day.
(c) about three in the morning.
(d) about dawn.

3. What is "varnishing day"?
(a) the day they allow art critics to view the paintings.
(b) the day they frame the paintings.
(c) the day they redecorate the Salon.
(d) the day before the Salon opens.

4. Why are Sandoz and Claude depressed after visiting Dubuche in the country?
(a) he has become a snobbish art dealer.
(b) he has become so important that he has no time for them.
(c) he has been reduced to a disrespected care giver.
(d) he has gone into politics in the provinces.

5. Which friends of Claude's show up at the funeral?
(a) fifty relatives from Plassans.
(b) only Sandoz and Bongrand.
(c) no one.
(d) all his old friends.

6. What is the wedding ceremony for Claude and Christine like?
(a) quick and exciting.
(b) plain but meaningful.
(c) elaborate and joyful.
(d) rushed and without emotion.

7. What does Claude blame Christine for when his painting does not come out the way he wants?
(a) that she cannot keep Jacques away.
(b) that she makes too much noise in the studio.
(c) that she is no longer a good model.
(d) that she keeps changing her position while posing.

8. Why does Claude do a smaller version of his large painting?
(a) to practice his new brush strokes.
(b) to submit to the Salon.
(c) to show Bongrand.
(d) to check his colors.

9. Why does Sandoz stay away from Claude for a time?
(a) he and Henriette are having problems.
(b) he is grieving for his dead mother.
(c) his novels are not selling now.
(d) he is giving Claude the cold shoulder.

10. To stay close to Claude and fight her rival, the painting, what does Christine decide to do?
(a) discourage Claude by saying it is not good.
(b) clean his brushes and make great meals.
(c) take a knife to the painting.
(d) be his nude model for the painting.

11. When he submits the snow scene to the Beaux-Arts Salon, what happens?
(a) it is disqualified because of its size.
(b) it is damaged and returned to him.
(c) it is highly praised.
(d) it is rejected.

12. What tragedy strikes the Lantier household one night?
(a) Jacques dies alone in his bed.
(b) Claude falls from his scaffolding.
(c) the studio catches on fire.
(d) Christine has a miscarriage.

13. Whose painting called The Lunch Party is a slick, commercial imitation of Claude's open air style?
(a) Dubuche.
(b) Chaîne
(c) Bongrand.
(d) Fagerolles.

14. Why is Christine afraid when she wakes to find Claude not in the bed with her?
(a) she thinks he is destroying his paintings.
(b) she thinks he might be leaving her.
(c) she thinks he is working too hard.
(d) she thinks he might be suicidal.

15. What do Sandoz and Bongrand have to say about Claude's early works of art?
(a) they agree that they led him in the wrong direction.
(b) they agree they were extraordinary pieces.
(c) they agree that they had only promise of greatness.
(d) they agree that they will go up in value.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sandoz think might be better for true artists?

2. What is the site that arouses Claude's enthusiasm after failing again to be included in the Salon?

3. Why is Sandoz being successful as a novelist?

4. How does Christine begin to resent Jacques?

5. How does Christine began to feel about her relationship with Claude?

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