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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sandoz stay away from Claude for a time?
(a) his novels are not selling now.
(b) he and Henriette are having problems.
(c) he is grieving for his dead mother.
(d) he is giving Claude the cold shoulder.

2. What are the Salon committee's reactions to Claude's Dead Child painting?
(a) disgust or pity.
(b) excited or indifferent.
(c) positive or skeptical.
(d) shock or amusement.

3. Who takes charge of the funeral and getting Christine to the hospital?
(a) Ganière.
(b) Fagerolles.
(c) Sandoz.
(d) Bongrand.

4. When Christine suggests they go away somewhere to be happy, what is Claude's reply?
(a) that he can only be happy in his studio.
(b) hat he does not want to be happy, he only wants to paint.
(c) that he will think about it.
(d) that she sounds just like Sandoz.

5. What does Sandoz point out to Claude?
(a) that the critics are all looking at his painting.
(b) that the Dead Child is the only original thing hanging.
(c) the many paintings using his open air style.
(d) that no one is laughing at him now.

6. What time does Claude return to his studio home?
(a) a week later.
(b) the next day.
(c) about dawn.
(d) about three in the morning.

7. Why has Dubuche been exiled to his father-in-law's home in the country?
(a) it became clear that he really has no talent for architecture.
(b) he was never successful and now cares for his wife and sickly children.
(c) one of his designs became a laughing stock in Paris.
(d) the pressure of building houses caused him to have a breakdown.

8. Whose painting called The Lunch Party is a slick, commercial imitation of Claude's open air style?
(a) Bongrand.
(b) Chaîne
(c) Fagerolles.
(d) Dubuche.

9. Why does Mahoudeau's sculpture fall over?
(a) Claude accidentally bumps into it.
(b) as the room warms, the clay carving melts.
(c) an earthquake shakes his studio.
(d) Chaîne smashes it out of jealousy over Mathilde.

10. How does Christine begin to resent Jacques?
(a) blaming him for the loss of her virgin body.
(b) being irritated with his demands.
(c) wishing he would go away.
(d) hating to part with the extra money for his upkeep.

11. After the party at Sandoz's house, what does Christine do when Claude orders her to return home?
(a) she follows Claude to Irma's house.
(b) she follows Claude to the top of a tall building.
(c) she follows Claude to just outside the Beaux-Arts.
(d) she follows Claude to where he stands on a bridge.

12. How do Claude's friends react to his latest painting?
(a) they think it is too small for a work by Claude.
(b) they hail it as a masterpiece.
(c) they look at it but do not comment.
(d) they want him to offer it to Naudet.

13. What does Claude seem to taunt Christine about from gossip he has heard?
(a) that a man was coming to the studio when Claude was away.
(b) that she was too stupid to find a job.
(c) that Mme. Vandaze died and left fortunes to her servants.
(d) that God cursed her with an unnatural child.

14. How is Claude when he and Sandoz return to Paris and go to a restaurant?
(a) he is withdrawn and silent during dinner.
(b) he is agitated and angry at how the country has changed.
(c) he talks about quitting painting and starting to write.
(d) he is happy and resolved to return to his large canvas.

15. For a while, how does Claude make a fairly good living?
(a) painting flower still lifes for British tourists.
(b) painting portraits of children.
(c) copying the old masters.
(d) doing sketches for a newspaper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What painting is almost rejected before it is discovered to be one by a famous artist?

2. How does Irma Bécot get her revenge on Claude?

3. Why does Claude do a smaller version of his large painting?

4. When Christine opens the door of the bedroom, what is Claude doing?

5. When he submits the snow scene to the Beaux-Arts Salon, what happens?

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