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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Christine suggests they go away somewhere to be happy, what is Claude's reply?
(a) that she sounds just like Sandoz.
(b) hat he does not want to be happy, he only wants to paint.
(c) that he will think about it.
(d) that he can only be happy in his studio.

2. To stay close to Claude and fight her rival, the painting, what does Christine decide to do?
(a) clean his brushes and make great meals.
(b) discourage Claude by saying it is not good.
(c) be his nude model for the painting.
(d) take a knife to the painting.

3. When he submits the snow scene to the Beaux-Arts Salon, what happens?
(a) it is disqualified because of its size.
(b) it is damaged and returned to him.
(c) it is highly praised.
(d) it is rejected.

4. After finally getting Claude back in bed, what happens in Claude's head?
(a) he hears the woman in his painting calling him.
(b) he hears the laughter of the people in the Salon.
(c) he plots how to get rid of Christine.
(d) he has a stroke and becomes paralyzed.

5. Who generally shows up on varnishing day?
(a) only the Paris art critics.
(b) the elite of Paris society.
(c) the artists whose works are included.
(d) the riff-raff of Paris.

6. What does Sandoz tray to talk Claude out of doing?
(a) placing a nude woman in his painting.
(b) working too many long hours.
(c) giving no time to Jacques.
(d) sending any more paintings to the Salon.

7. How does Ganière drift away from the group of former art revolutionaries?
(a) by returning to the classics.
(b) by spending all his time at concerts.
(c) by practicing the piano many hours a day.
(d) by marrying his old maid music teacher.

8. How does Christine began to feel about her relationship with Claude?
(a) that she has grown tired and ugly.
(b) that she knows how to get him back.
(c) that she is playing second fiddle to a painting.
(d) that she made a mistake falling in love with Claude.

9. How does Christine confront Claude about the nude woman in his painting?
(a) she says that woman is a trollop seducing him.
(b) she says that woman is really her and he should come to her.
(c) she says that woman is a curse on him.
(d) she says that woman is her rival for his affections.

10. After the Salon, how does Claude behave?
(a) he happily shows himself in public.
(b) he throws himself back into his large painting.
(c) he puts on a façade of not caring.
(d) he refuses to see anyone.

11. What purchases does Claude make to get started with his painting?
(a) new lights and a heater for the studio.
(b) large paper and new pencils to make his sketches.
(c) a large frame and seamless canvas.
(d) new paints and brushes.

12. When Christine opens the door of the bedroom, what is Claude doing?
(a) he is scraping off the paint on his large canvas.
(b) he is drinking cognac and weeping.
(c) he is ripping up his large canvas.
(d) he is furiously painting his vision of the Ile de la Cité.

13. What is Claude's mistaken idea about Chaîne?
(a) that he is rich.
(b) that he is happy.
(c) that he is proud of his work.
(d) that he has not changed.

14. What is the irony of Sandoz's new house?
(a) it is large and ostentacious.
(b) it is in the same area as Irma's and Fagerolles's houses.
(c) it has become a shrine to his late mother.
(d) it is an eclectic and old fashioned abode for a very modern writer.

15. Why does Claude think his painting of the dead Jacques may be accepted by the Salon committee?
(a) he submits it under an assumed name.
(b) Bongrand is now head of the committee.
(c) Fagerolles promises to get it accepted.
(d) this painting is more like the classics.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the party at Sandoz's house, what does Christine do when Claude orders her to return home?

2. When Christine awakes to find Claude gone, where does she find him?

3. Why does Claude at first not find his painting of the Dead Child?

4. What idea does Sandoz have that he thinks might change things for Claude?

5. What tragedy strikes the Lantier household one night?

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