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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Claude at first not find his painting of the Dead Child?
(a) it is hung in a small room where almost no one goes.
(b) it is hung near the exit in dim light.
(c) it is hung very high over large canvases.
(d) it is hung in a hallway.

2. Why does Sandoz stay away from Claude for a time?
(a) he is giving Claude the cold shoulder.
(b) his novels are not selling now.
(c) he is grieving for his dead mother.
(d) he and Henriette are having problems.

3. Why does Claude do a smaller version of his large painting?
(a) to show Bongrand.
(b) to submit to the Salon.
(c) to check his colors.
(d) to practice his new brush strokes.

4. What are the Salon committee's reactions to Claude's Dead Child painting?
(a) disgust or pity.
(b) positive or skeptical.
(c) excited or indifferent.
(d) shock or amusement.

5. Why is Christine afraid when she wakes to find Claude not in the bed with her?
(a) she thinks he might be suicidal.
(b) she thinks he is destroying his paintings.
(c) she thinks he is working too hard.
(d) she thinks he might be leaving her.

6. How does Christine begin to resent Jacques?
(a) wishing he would go away.
(b) hating to part with the extra money for his upkeep.
(c) being irritated with his demands.
(d) blaming him for the loss of her virgin body.

7. Why is Sandoz being successful as a novelist?
(a) he has started turning out traditional prose.
(b) he is no longer controversial.
(c) he refuses to change his ideas about modern writing.
(d) he uses Claude's art on the cover of his books.

8. How is the Dead Child painting finally approved for hanging in the Salon?
(a) Bongrand demands it.
(b) it is approved by mistake.
(c) Fagerolles uses his "charity" vote.
(d) it is considered a real masterpiece at last.

9. When Christine suggests they go away somewhere to be happy, what is Claude's reply?
(a) that she sounds just like Sandoz.
(b) that he can only be happy in his studio.
(c) hat he does not want to be happy, he only wants to paint.
(d) that he will think about it.

10. What is Claude's mistaken idea about Chaîne?
(a) that he has not changed.
(b) that he is proud of his work.
(c) that he is rich.
(d) that he is happy.

11. What is "varnishing day"?
(a) the day before the Salon opens.
(b) the day they frame the paintings.
(c) the day they redecorate the Salon.
(d) the day they allow art critics to view the paintings.

12. Why does Claude think his painting of the dead Jacques may be accepted by the Salon committee?
(a) Bongrand is now head of the committee.
(b) this painting is more like the classics.
(c) Fagerolles promises to get it accepted.
(d) he submits it under an assumed name.

13. Why does Mahoudeau's sculpture fall over?
(a) an earthquake shakes his studio.
(b) as the room warms, the clay carving melts.
(c) Chaîne smashes it out of jealousy over Mathilde.
(d) Claude accidentally bumps into it.

14. How does Irma Bécot get her revenge on Claude?
(a) by spreading gossip about him.
(b) by seducing Christine.
(c) by seducing him in her new mansion.
(d) by buying his painting and burning it.

15. Why do Sandoz and Claude not go into the Café Baudequin that night?
(a) they see Fagerolles and Naudet there.
(b) they see Ganière in there alone.
(c) the place has gone out of business.
(d) they see Ganière there with Irma.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who lives directly across from Fagerolles's small but well appointed mansion?

2. How does Christine began to feel about her relationship with Claude?

3. How does Ganière drift away from the group of former art revolutionaries?

4. Why are Sandoz and Claude depressed after visiting Dubuche in the country?

5. Whose painting called The Lunch Party is a slick, commercial imitation of Claude's open air style?

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