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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that Claude does not know while he waits to see if the Dead Child will be included in the Salon?
(a) how popular he has suddenly become.
(b) what Fagerolles does to get it included.
(c) how Bongand exerted his influence on the committee.
(d) how the new committe has changed its ideas.

2. What do Sandoz and Bongrand have to say about Claude's early works of art?
(a) they agree that they led him in the wrong direction.
(b) they agree they were extraordinary pieces.
(c) they agree that they will go up in value.
(d) they agree that they had only promise of greatness.

3. After finally getting Claude back in bed, what happens in Claude's head?
(a) he hears the woman in his painting calling him.
(b) he hears the laughter of the people in the Salon.
(c) he plots how to get rid of Christine.
(d) he has a stroke and becomes paralyzed.

4. What is the irony of Sandoz's new house?
(a) it has become a shrine to his late mother.
(b) it is in the same area as Irma's and Fagerolles's houses.
(c) it is large and ostentacious.
(d) it is an eclectic and old fashioned abode for a very modern writer.

5. How does Christine begin to resent Jacques?
(a) being irritated with his demands.
(b) blaming him for the loss of her virgin body.
(c) wishing he would go away.
(d) hating to part with the extra money for his upkeep.

6. After the Salon, how does Claude behave?
(a) he puts on a façade of not caring.
(b) he refuses to see anyone.
(c) he happily shows himself in public.
(d) he throws himself back into his large painting.

7. What does Claude seem to taunt Christine about from gossip he has heard?
(a) that Mme. Vandaze died and left fortunes to her servants.
(b) that a man was coming to the studio when Claude was away.
(c) that she was too stupid to find a job.
(d) that God cursed her with an unnatural child.

8. Why does Claude at first not find his painting of the Dead Child?
(a) it is hung in a small room where almost no one goes.
(b) it is hung near the exit in dim light.
(c) it is hung in a hallway.
(d) it is hung very high over large canvases.

9. Whose painting called The Lunch Party is a slick, commercial imitation of Claude's open air style?
(a) Dubuche.
(b) Bongrand.
(c) Chaîne
(d) Fagerolles.

10. When Sandoz comes to take Claude away from the studio, who do they find as a barker at a carnival?
(a) Mahoudeau.
(b) Chaîne.
(c) Ganière
(d) Dubuche.

11. How does Ganière drift away from the group of former art revolutionaries?
(a) by returning to the classics.
(b) by practicing the piano many hours a day.
(c) by spending all his time at concerts.
(d) by marrying his old maid music teacher.

12. What time does Claude return to his studio home?
(a) about dawn.
(b) about three in the morning.
(c) a week later.
(d) the next day.

13. What is the site that arouses Claude's enthusiasm after failing again to be included in the Salon?
(a) ice on the Seine.
(b) the Eiffel Tower.
(c) the Ile de la Cité.
(d) Cathedral Notre Dame.

14. Why is Christine afraid when she wakes to find Claude not in the bed with her?
(a) she thinks he might be suicidal.
(b) she thinks he might be leaving her.
(c) she thinks he is destroying his paintings.
(d) she thinks he is working too hard.

15. When they find her, where is Christine?
(a) headed for the train station.
(b) holding Claude's head in her lap.
(c) posing nude for Claude's painting.
(d) lying half dead on the floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sandoz tray to talk Claude out of doing?

2. Why do Sandoz and Claude not go into the Café Baudequin that night?

3. When Christine awakes to find Claude gone, where does she find him?

4. What does Claude blame Christine for when his painting does not come out the way he wants?

5. What happens on the wedding night?

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