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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Christine confront Claude about the nude woman in his painting?
(a) she says that woman is a trollop seducing him.
(b) she says that woman is really her and he should come to her.
(c) she says that woman is her rival for his affections.
(d) she says that woman is a curse on him.

2. What is Claude's mistaken idea about Chaîne?
(a) that he is happy.
(b) that he is proud of his work.
(c) that he is rich.
(d) that he has not changed.

3. What happens on the wedding night?
(a) Jacques gets sick and Christine has to stay with him.
(b) It is like old times in the country.
(c) Christine goes to bed alone and Claude sketches.
(d) Claude is unable to make love to Christine.

4. When Christine awakes to find Claude gone, where does she find him?
(a) hanging from the ladder in front of his painting.
(b) lying in Jacques's small bed.
(c) sitting by the fire drinking wine.
(d) dressing to go out into the cold.

5. How do Claude's friends react to his latest painting?
(a) they hail it as a masterpiece.
(b) they look at it but do not comment.
(c) they think it is too small for a work by Claude.
(d) they want him to offer it to Naudet.

6. What is the irony of Sandoz's new house?
(a) it is an eclectic and old fashioned abode for a very modern writer.
(b) it is large and ostentacious.
(c) it is in the same area as Irma's and Fagerolles's houses.
(d) it has become a shrine to his late mother.

7. Why does Claude do a smaller version of his large painting?
(a) to practice his new brush strokes.
(b) to show Bongrand.
(c) to check his colors.
(d) to submit to the Salon.

8. What does Claude blame Christine for when his painting does not come out the way he wants?
(a) that she cannot keep Jacques away.
(b) that she is no longer a good model.
(c) that she keeps changing her position while posing.
(d) that she makes too much noise in the studio.

9. What does Sandoz point out to Claude?
(a) that no one is laughing at him now.
(b) that the critics are all looking at his painting.
(c) the many paintings using his open air style.
(d) that the Dead Child is the only original thing hanging.

10. For a while, how does Claude make a fairly good living?
(a) painting flower still lifes for British tourists.
(b) copying the old masters.
(c) painting portraits of children.
(d) doing sketches for a newspaper.

11. How does Claude afford a larger studio to work on his masterpiece?
(a) by copying masterpieces of other artists.
(b) by painting murals for rich clients.
(c) by drawing from the capital of his inheritance.
(d) by selliing small nude paintings of Christine.

12. What is the wedding ceremony for Claude and Christine like?
(a) elaborate and joyful.
(b) quick and exciting.
(c) rushed and without emotion.
(d) plain but meaningful.

13. Why do Sandoz and Claude not go into the Café Baudequin that night?
(a) they see Ganière in there alone.
(b) they see Fagerolles and Naudet there.
(c) they see Ganière there with Irma.
(d) the place has gone out of business.

14. What does Sandoz think might be better for true artists?
(a) to keep all their works until their death.
(b) to live in Italy instead of France.
(c) to live and die an unknown.
(d) to develop a following in England.

15. What is the site that arouses Claude's enthusiasm after failing again to be included in the Salon?
(a) the Eiffel Tower.
(b) ice on the Seine.
(c) Cathedral Notre Dame.
(d) the Ile de la Cité.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes charge of the funeral and getting Christine to the hospital?

2. What is the subject of Claude's snow scene?

3. Why is Christine under so much nervous tension after they get back to Paris?

4. Why are Sandoz and Claude depressed after visiting Dubuche in the country?

5. Why does Claude at first not find his painting of the Dead Child?

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