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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rejected for the Prix de Rome, what is Fagerolles now painting?
(a) postcards.
(b) slick, compromising pictures.
(c) houses.
(d) copies of Claude's work.

2. What does Mahoudeau tell Claude there is little market for these days?
(a) Grape Pickers.
(b) large classic statues.
(c) garden sculpture.
(d) angels and saints.

3. What ironic switch in attitude occurs when Christine finally agrees to go in public with Claude?
(a) now he worries that they will run into her employer.
(b) now he worries that they will run into Irma.
(c) now he worries they will run into his friends.
(d) now he worries that he has no money.

4. Who does Claude see who pretends he has not seen Claude's painting?
(a) Mahoudeau.
(b) Dubuche.
(c) Irma.
(d) Fagerolles.

5. Who is the friend now enrolled at the Beaux-Arts?
(a) Pierre.
(b) Irma.
(c) Christine.
(d) Fagerolles.

6. Although frequently inspired by what he sees in the country, how does Claude react?
(a) he complains that he has no canvases.
(b) he lost his confidence after the Salon.
(c) he starts paintings but never finishes them.
(d) he procrastinates, although Christine urges him to paint.

7. What is the condition of the clothes the young artists wear?
(a) down at the heel boots and threadbare jackets.
(b) purely rustic country style clothing.
(c) formal attire even in the daytime.
(d) stuffily overdone.

8. What does an old man in the woods offer Claude and Christine?
(a) to rent his house in the woods.
(b) some peaches grown in his orchard.
(c) to give them a ride to the train.
(d) a place to wait till the train comes.

9. Why does Christine resist sightseeing in Paris with Claude?
(a) she worries she might run into her employer.
(b) she worries she will lose track of time.
(c) she worries he will take her to a hotel.
(d) she still worries about being out with a man.

10. What is Bongrand's lament about art dealers?
(a) that art has become important to the rich.
(b) that artists get no credit for their work.
(c) that art is fought over by bank notes.
(d) that artists have no chance to improve.

11. What is Chaîne working on while the others visit in Mahoudeau's studio?
(a) a wood carving of a squirrel.
(b) a portrait of Mathilde.
(c) cooking a pot of beans.
(d) a picture of the old stove in the studio.

12. What does Christine do the morning after she and Claude consummate their love?
(a) she returns to Passy and resigns her position.
(b) she sends a letter to her employer that she is ill.
(c) she lies to her employer that she has a friend coming to Paris.
(d) she goes to confession.

13. Why does Claude start going out alone to paint leaving Christine in the cottage?
(a) because she keeps questioning his colors.
(b) because she talks too much.
(c) because he wants to be alone.
(d) because she is pregnant.

14. Why does Claude take the young woman to his studio?
(a) he expects to hire her as a maid.
(b) he wants her to sleep with him.
(c) he wants to use her as a madel.
(d) he feels he cannot leave her outside in the storm.

15. What does Claude recognize about the group that still comes together for the Thursday night soirees?
(a) that they are really helping each other now.
(b) that everyone is a success except him.
(c) that it has more power than before.
(d) that it is deteriorating, except for Sandoz.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Christine stay away after her first return visit to Claude's studio?

2. Although Sandoz's novels are selling well, what is happening in literary circles?

3. What is Pierre Sandoz doing for Claude?

4. As the novel opens, what is the condition of the weather?

5. What strange commission does Claude get from Malgras?

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