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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Claude's past prepared him for living in the country?
(a) he remembers the fresh air of the country.
(b) he is just a country boy at heart.
(c) he knows how easy it is to hide in the country.
(d) he returns to the nature walks he once had with Sandoz.

2. When is the laughter the loudest?
(a) when they reach Claude's picture.
(b) when they reach Bongrand's picture.
(c) when they reach Dubuche's architectural drawing.
(d) when they reach Marhoudeau's sculpture.

3. Who does Jory insist that Claude go with him to see?
(a) Mathilde.
(b) Ganière.
(c) Irma Bécot.
(d) Bongrand.

4. What does Bongrand do before Claude sees his work hanging in the Salon des Refusés?
(a) he gives Claude high praise.
(b) he laughs in Claude's face.
(c) he takes Claude to tea.
(d) he withdraws his own painting.

5. What reawakens in Claude and Sandoz with their renewed friendship?
(a) their sense of competition.
(b) their need for nature hikes.
(c) their old desire for fame.
(d) their old doubts about their work.

6. What self imposed time limit has Claude put on finishing his painting called Open Air?
(a) six months.
(b) six weeks.
(c) one year.
(d) nine months.

7. What convinces Claude he still has a vestige of romanticism in his veins?
(a) his love of romantic literature.
(b) his desire to see Christine again.
(c) his interest in a quaint Paris street.
(d) his desire to paint for tourists.

8. How has Jory stirred up the Paris art scene?
(a) by praising one of Claude's paintings.
(b) by promoting Italian art.
(c) by praising the sidewalk artists.
(d) by attacking the Studio.

9. Although frequently inspired by what he sees in the country, how does Claude react?
(a) he procrastinates, although Christine urges him to paint.
(b) he lost his confidence after the Salon.
(c) he starts paintings but never finishes them.
(d) he complains that he has no canvases.

10. Why has the herbalist's shop seen better days?
(a) the owner has lost interest in the shop.
(b) the owner ran away from the shop.
(c) the owner is trying to sell the shop.
(d) the owner is dying of consumption.

11. What do Claude and Christine visit after they find an old boat?
(a) the farms on the other side of the river.
(b) small islands in the river.
(c) an artist colony nearby.
(d) several bridges in the area.

12. Who does Claude see who pretends he has not seen Claude's painting?
(a) Mahoudeau.
(b) Fagerolles.
(c) Irma.
(d) Dubuche.

13. What does an old man in the woods offer Claude and Christine?
(a) to give them a ride to the train.
(b) a place to wait till the train comes.
(c) some peaches grown in his orchard.
(d) to rent his house in the woods.

14. Beside the clothed man and the naked women, what are the people criticizing?
(a) his savage color combinations.
(b) his use of the color blue to indicate daylight.
(c) his oddly shaped trees.
(d) his heavy brush strokes.

15. Why does Claude suggest that Christine stay with Mme. Vandaze?
(a) she is old and may not need Christine long.
(b) she is old and may start needing her more.
(c) she is old and it is not right to leave her.
(d) she is old and may leave an inheritance for Christine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the lusty Jory like about Mahoudeau's sculpture of the Grape Picker?

2. Realizing the people are laughing at his painting, what is Claude's reaction?

3. What are the paintings that repulse Christine in Claude's studio?

4. What two agonies does Sandoz mention that Claude is all too familiar with?

5. How does the young woman want to sleep?

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