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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Back in Paris, Claude returns to walking the streets and leaves what up to Christine?
(a) to find a nanny for Jacques.
(b) to settle into the studio they have rented.
(c) to look for a bigger studio to rent.
(d) to sell his small paintings on the streets.

2. What does Claude recognize about the group that still comes together for the Thursday night soirees?
(a) that everyone is a success except him.
(b) that they are really helping each other now.
(c) that it has more power than before.
(d) that it is deteriorating, except for Sandoz.

3. What was the occupation of Mahoudeau before he came to Paris?
(a) a school teacher.
(b) a blacksmith.
(c) a stone cutter.
(d) a grocer.

4. Who visits Claude while Christine is hiding behind the screen?
(a) Mahoudeau and Mathilde.
(b) Chaîne and Pierre.
(c) Sandoz and Dubuche.
(d) Jory and Irma.

5. What do Sandoz and Dubuche see in Claude's studio that captures their attention?
(a) Claude's sketches of Christine.
(b) small paintings of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
(c) left over croissants from his breakfast.
(d) a letter from the Salon committee.

6. What does Bongrand say is better than being at the top?
(a) the slide down the mountain.
(b) being in the middle.
(c) being at the beginning.
(d) the journey to the top.

7. Where does Irma say Fagerolles and Jory grew out of?
(a) the same school of ambitious thought.
(b) the same gap in the pavement.
(c) the same mansion in the country.
(d) the same cabbage patch.

8. Why does Irma become angry with Claude during a visit to his studio?
(a) he rejects her as a lover.
(b) he rejects her as an art critic.
(c) he rejects her as a patron.
(d) he rejects her as a nude model.

9. What does the young woman think about the art she sees in the studio?
(a) she thinks it is beautiful.
(b) she thinks it is romantic.
(c) she thinks it is childish.
(d) she thinks it is violent.

10. How does Christine re-enter Claude's life?
(a) she drops by with a thank you gift.
(b) they meet accidentally at the Louvre.
(c) she commissions a painting.
(d) she asks him to pay her for modeling.

11. What famous artist joins the group at Pierre's house?
(a) Delacroix.
(b) Hugo.
(c) Matisse.
(d) Bongrand.

12. Who is the journalist who drops in while Pierre and Claude are visiting Mahoudeau and Chaîne?
(a) Jory.
(b) Irma.
(c) Hugo.
(d) Mathilde.

13. What does Bongrand do before Claude sees his work hanging in the Salon des Refusés?
(a) he gives Claude high praise.
(b) he laughs in Claude's face.
(c) he takes Claude to tea.
(d) he withdraws his own painting.

14. What is the condition of the clothes the young artists wear?
(a) purely rustic country style clothing.
(b) stuffily overdone.
(c) formal attire even in the daytime.
(d) down at the heel boots and threadbare jackets.

15. What does Bongrand have to say about Fagerolles's painting?
(a) it is pandering to the masses.
(b) it is little more than a photograph.
(c) it is fit only for a French postcard.
(d) it is a shameless copy of Claude's work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Claude thinking about as he walks home late at night?

2. How does Claude often see himself artistically?

3. What does Christine not want to discuss with Claude?

4. How do the young men of the Open Air movement see themselves?

5. Who is Jory looking for when he bumps into Claude?

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