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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Irma say Fagerolles and Jory grew out of?
(a) the same cabbage patch.
(b) the same school of ambitious thought.
(c) the same mansion in the country.
(d) the same gap in the pavement.

2. While Pierre and Dubuche are in the studio, what does Claude almost do?
(a) commit suicide.
(b) throw them out.
(c) destroy his painting.
(d) declare his painting finished.

3. Why has the herbalist's shop seen better days?
(a) the owner ran away from the shop.
(b) the owner is trying to sell the shop.
(c) the owner is dying of consumption.
(d) the owner has lost interest in the shop.

4. Who now has a mansion near Claude's and Christine's cottage?
(a) Pierre Sandoz.
(b) Bongrand.
(c) the Margaillan family.
(d) Irma Bécot.

5. When Claude meets Dubuche on his way to the Margaillan house, why does he invite Dubuche for a visit?
(a) to hear what everyone is doing in Paris.
(b) to let him see that Christine is pregnant.
(c) to make fun of his ostentation.
(d) to persuade him to return to the Open Air school.

6. What is Bongrand's lament about art dealers?
(a) that art has become important to the rich.
(b) that artists have no chance to improve.
(c) that art is fought over by bank notes.
(d) that artists get no credit for their work.

7. What suggestion does Pierre make to Claude about Christine?
(a) to bring her flowers.
(b) to marry and make an honest woman of her.
(c) to send her back to Paris.
(d) to spend more time with her.

8. Although Sandoz's novels are selling well, what is happening in literary circles?
(a) he is getting trounced by the critics.
(b) his books are being burned.
(c) he is being praised as the new style novelist.
(d) he is being taken off of library shelves.

9. How has Claude's past prepared him for living in the country?
(a) he knows how easy it is to hide in the country.
(b) he returns to the nature walks he once had with Sandoz.
(c) he remembers the fresh air of the country.
(d) he is just a country boy at heart.

10. What does Claude recognize about the group that still comes together for the Thursday night soirees?
(a) that everyone is a success except him.
(b) that they are really helping each other now.
(c) that it is deteriorating, except for Sandoz.
(d) that it has more power than before.

11. What is it about Claude's use of colors that Christine has difficulty understanding?
(a) yellow skies and pink clouds.
(b) blue in the poplar trees and mauve in the ground.
(c) people with purple skin.
(d) red bananas and yellow apples.

12. Why does Claude go into one of his rages after Christine leaves?
(a) because he cannot find anything she had put away.
(b) because he had not taken advantage of her.
(c) because of the effect she had on him.
(d) because he lost the early morning light to paint by.

13. Now that Sandoz is married, what role does his wife, Henriette, play in the household?
(a) she supervises the dinners and takes care of Sandoz mother.
(b) she sits quietly and says nothing during the meetings.
(c) she stays in the kitchen cooking the different dishes.
(d) she stays upstairs with Sandoz's mother.

14. Back in Paris, Claude returns to walking the streets and leaves what up to Christine?
(a) to look for a bigger studio to rent.
(b) to settle into the studio they have rented.
(c) to sell his small paintings on the streets.
(d) to find a nanny for Jacques.

15. What does Claude do the next morning as the young woman sleeps?
(a) he goes out for croisants.
(b) he wakes her up and sends her away.
(c) he makes sketches of her lying in the bed.
(d) he removes the blanket covering her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Christine stay away after her first return visit to Claude's studio?

2. Who is the art dealer who has made a fortune out of buying pieces and manipulating their prices?

3. Why does Christine resist sightseeing in Paris with Claude?

4. What makes Claude and Sandoz become exasperated with stupidity of the crowd?

5. What gift does Christine send Claude just before his opening in the Salon des Refusés?

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