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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ironic switch in attitude occurs when Christine finally agrees to go in public with Claude?
(a) now he worries they will run into his friends.
(b) now he worries that they will run into her employer.
(c) now he worries that they will run into Irma.
(d) now he worries that he has no money.

2. Where do Claude and Christine go on a short trip?
(a) to the countryside and visit an inn called Bennecourt.
(b) to the countryside in Claude's home town.
(c) to the south of France near the sea.
(d) to Versailles.

3. What is Claude thinking about as he walks home late at night?
(a) a woman he met walking in the rain.
(b) his friends he hasn't seen lately.
(c) how he is going to pay his rent.
(d) his unfinished canvas in his studio.

4. While Pierre and Dubuche are in the studio, what does Claude almost do?
(a) throw them out.
(b) declare his painting finished.
(c) destroy his painting.
(d) commit suicide.

5. What strange commission does Claude get from Malgras?
(a) a still life painting of a lobster
(b) a painting of ducks.
(c) a small painting of Christine.
(d) a still life painting of books.

6. How long does Christine stay away after her first return visit to Claude's studio?
(a) three weeks.
(b) several months.
(c) a year.
(d) two days.

7. How does love win out over practicality?
(a) Christine never returns to Passy.
(b) Christine gets MMe. Vandaze to move to Paris.
(c) Christine murders Mme. Vandaze.
(d) Christine resigns her position and moves in with Claude.

8. What is Jory's excuse for not writing about anyone in the group?
(a) he thinks his endorsement would hurt them.
(b) he is being paid to write only about Beauz-Arts artists.
(c) they are unpopular and he is not writing for his own paper.
(d) he is waiting to spring them on the public later.

9. Ready to leave, what does the young woman do?
(a) she asks Claude for money.
(b) she begs Claude to escort her to the train station.
(c) she attempts to clean up the studio.
(d) she offers to cook breakfast.

10. Who visits Claude while Christine is hiding behind the screen?
(a) Chaîne and Pierre.
(b) Mahoudeau and Mathilde.
(c) Jory and Irma.
(d) Sandoz and Dubuche.

11. What suggestion does Pierre make to Claude about Christine?
(a) to bring her flowers.
(b) to send her back to Paris.
(c) to spend more time with her.
(d) to marry and make an honest woman of her.

12. Who has come to the Salon with Ganière?
(a) Irma Bécot.
(b) Mathilde.
(c) Christine.
(d) Fagerolles.

13. Why does Claude take the young woman to his studio?
(a) he wants to use her as a madel.
(b) he expects to hire her as a maid.
(c) he feels he cannot leave her outside in the storm.
(d) he wants her to sleep with him.

14. Returning to Paris, what does Christine want to do?
(a) break off her relationship with Claude.
(b) find a priest and get married.
(c) resign her position and stay with Claude.
(d) get Claude to paint fans for tourists.

15. When was the beginnings of the Bohemian lifestyle of Claude and Pierre?
(a) after they met Delacroix.
(b) during their school days.
(c) after they were rejected by the École des Beaux-Arts.
(d) when they moved to Paris.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the young woman think about the art she sees in the studio?

2. How has Jory stirred up the Paris art scene?

3. As the novel opens, what is the condition of the weather?

4. To whom does Christine turn to help get Claude out of his depression?

5. What works are shown in the Salon des Refusés?

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