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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Zola describe Irma Bécot?
(a) a virginal beauty looking for a husband.
(b) a young girl being eaten alive by the city of Paris.
(c) an important art critic of the day.
(d) a trollop with the makings of a future Parisian courtesan.

2. Who now has a mansion near Claude's and Christine's cottage?
(a) Pierre Sandoz.
(b) the Margaillan family.
(c) Irma Bécot.
(d) Bongrand.

3. What was the occupation of Mahoudeau before he came to Paris?
(a) a blacksmith.
(b) a school teacher.
(c) a grocer.
(d) a stone cutter.

4. What works are shown in the Salon des Refusés?
(a) those eligible for special prizes.
(b) those from unknown artists.
(c) those refused for the regular Salon showing.
(d) those too good to go in the regular Salon.

5. Who are the late comers for Sandoz's Thursday soiree?
(a) Malgras and Hugo.
(b) Mahoudeau and Chaîne.
(c) Irma and Christine.
(d) Ganière and Dubuche.

6. Who is Jory looking for when he bumps into Claude?
(a) Mathilde.
(b) Bongrand.
(c) Irma.
(d) Chaîne.

7. How does love win out over practicality?
(a) Christine gets MMe. Vandaze to move to Paris.
(b) Christine never returns to Passy.
(c) Christine murders Mme. Vandaze.
(d) Christine resigns her position and moves in with Claude.

8. How has Claude's past prepared him for living in the country?
(a) he knows how easy it is to hide in the country.
(b) he is just a country boy at heart.
(c) he remembers the fresh air of the country.
(d) he returns to the nature walks he once had with Sandoz.

9. Why does Irma become angry with Claude during a visit to his studio?
(a) he rejects her as a patron.
(b) he rejects her as a lover.
(c) he rejects her as a nude model.
(d) he rejects her as an art critic.

10. Rejected for the Prix de Rome, what is Fagerolles now painting?
(a) houses.
(b) postcards.
(c) slick, compromising pictures.
(d) copies of Claude's work.

11. After renewing his association with Sandoz, what is Claude incessantly talking about?
(a) the École des Beaux-Arts.
(b) how Mahoudeau and Chaîne killed off Jabouille.
(c) people in Paris Christine has never known.
(d) going to study in Italy.

12. How does Christine re-enter Claude's life?
(a) she drops by with a thank you gift.
(b) they meet accidentally at the Louvre.
(c) she commissions a painting.
(d) she asks him to pay her for modeling.

13. When is the laughter the loudest?
(a) when they reach Bongrand's picture.
(b) when they reach Marhoudeau's sculpture.
(c) when they reach Claude's picture.
(d) when they reach Dubuche's architectural drawing.

14. Who is Mathilde Jabouille?
(a) the fat wife of the skinny herbalist.
(b) a common trollop who loves Mahoudeau.
(c) the woman Pierre and Claude saw in the herbalist's window.
(d) a wealthy patron ordering a bust of herself.

15. Why does Claude take the young woman to his studio?
(a) he wants to use her as a madel.
(b) he expects to hire her as a maid.
(c) he wants her to sleep with him.
(d) he feels he cannot leave her outside in the storm.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Claude and Christine visit after they find an old boat?

2. Why does Sandoz not visit Claude and Christine in the country after August?

3. What causes Claude and Pierre to nudge each other in front of the Herbal Shop?

4. What is Jory's excuse for not writing about anyone in the group?

5. How do the young men of the Open Air movement see themselves?

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