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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Christine resist sightseeing in Paris with Claude?
(a) she worries she might run into her employer.
(b) she worries he will take her to a hotel.
(c) she worries she will lose track of time.
(d) she still worries about being out with a man.

2. Although Sandoz's novels are selling well, what is happening in literary circles?
(a) he is being taken off of library shelves.
(b) he is getting trounced by the critics.
(c) he is being praised as the new style novelist.
(d) his books are being burned.

3. Which of Claude's friends do he and Christine see in the street?
(a) Mahoudeau and Mathilde.
(b) Sandoz and Dubuche.
(c) Chaîne and Pierre.
(d) Irma and Jory.

4. What does Bongrand do before Claude sees his work hanging in the Salon des Refusés?
(a) he laughs in Claude's face.
(b) he takes Claude to tea.
(c) he withdraws his own painting.
(d) he gives Claude high praise.

5. What happens when the young woman wakes up?
(a) she begins to cry.
(b) she asks him to pay her for modelling.
(c) she slaps Claude's face.
(d) she quickly covers herself.

6. Where does Claude go for a cheap lunch?
(a) the Fruit and Vegetable Shop.
(b) Pierre's house.
(c) a hotdog stand.
(d) a third rate wine-shop.

7. Who do Claude, Pierre, and Jory find sitting at a table making sketches with drops of beer?
(a) Dubuche.
(b) Fagerolles.
(c) Christine.
(d) Malgras.

8. Although Bongrand now only paints what interests him, why can the Beaux-Arts not overlook him?
(a) because of his reputation for vengeance.
(b) because of his great popularity.
(c) because of his earlier masterpiece.
(d) because of his great contributions of money.

9. Returning to Paris, what does Christine want to do?
(a) resign her position and stay with Claude.
(b) break off her relationship with Claude.
(c) get Claude to paint fans for tourists.
(d) find a priest and get married.

10. How do the young men of the Open Air movement see themselves?
(a) as lost in a wasteland.
(b) as successful artists.
(c) as conquerors of Paris.
(d) as misunderstood prophets.

11. Now that Sandoz is married, what role does his wife, Henriette, play in the household?
(a) she stays upstairs with Sandoz's mother.
(b) she sits quietly and says nothing during the meetings.
(c) she supervises the dinners and takes care of Sandoz mother.
(d) she stays in the kitchen cooking the different dishes.

12. Who are the late comers for Sandoz's Thursday soiree?
(a) Ganière and Dubuche.
(b) Malgras and Hugo.
(c) Mahoudeau and Chaîne.
(d) Irma and Christine.

13. When is the laughter the loudest?
(a) when they reach Marhoudeau's sculpture.
(b) when they reach Bongrand's picture.
(c) when they reach Claude's picture.
(d) when they reach Dubuche's architectural drawing.

14. What are the needs of Jory that Mathilde fulfills so easily?
(a) his poverty and his insecurity.
(b) his sexual addiction and his miserliness.
(c) his limited time and his ignorance.
(d) his ambition and his carelessness.

15. Why does Claude go into one of his rages after Christine leaves?
(a) because he cannot find anything she had put away.
(b) because he lost the early morning light to paint by.
(c) because he had not taken advantage of her.
(d) because of the effect she had on him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mathilde Jabouille?

2. What is Chaîne working on while the others visit in Mahoudeau's studio?

3. Why does Claude suggest that Christine stay with Mme. Vandaze?

4. What does Mahoudeau tell Claude there is little market for these days?

5. What reawakens in Claude and Sandoz with their renewed friendship?

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