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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Christine resist sightseeing in Paris with Claude?
(a) she worries he will take her to a hotel.
(b) she still worries about being out with a man.
(c) she worries she will lose track of time.
(d) she worries she might run into her employer.

2. What does the young woman think about the art she sees in the studio?
(a) she thinks it is romantic.
(b) she thinks it is violent.
(c) she thinks it is childish.
(d) she thinks it is beautiful.

3. What does the lusty Jory like about Mahoudeau's sculpture of the Grape Picker?
(a) her ample bosom and thick thighs.
(b) the amount of clay used in the mold.
(c) her feet and hands.
(d) the life-like look of her face.

4. What did the boys indulge themselves in during their youth?
(a) discussing philosophy with their teacher.
(b) planning how to run away from their village.
(c) playing pranks on the girls in their school.
(d) long nature hikes and swimming naked in the river.

5. How has Jory stirred up the Paris art scene?
(a) by praising the sidewalk artists.
(b) by attacking the Studio.
(c) by promoting Italian art.
(d) by praising one of Claude's paintings.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because it is Thursday, what event will take place in the evening?

2. Although frequently inspired by what he sees in the country, how does Claude react?

3. What does Claude think about the young woman standing on his doorstep at night?

4. What self imposed time limit has Claude put on finishing his painting called Open Air?

5. What does Bongrand do before Claude sees his work hanging in the Salon des Refusés?

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