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Objective: Chapter One The student will be able to explain the avant-garde era of the novel, THE MASTERPIECE. The student will be able to begin formulating a character study of Claude Lantier.

1. Begin with teacher led discussion about the avant-garde movement at the end of the ear of Romanticism in art. Include artists such as Delacroix,
Cezanne, and Manet during that time. Alert the class to the idea that Pierre Sandoz is closely autobiographic in the novel. Mention some of the reaction
to Zola's novel in Paris at the time it was published.
2. Students or teacher read aloud in class the opening of the novel up to the point where Claude begins sketching the sleeping Christine.
3. Discuss the character of Claude: (1) Are there flaws already apparent in his character? What are they? (2) Is there a streak of kindness in Claude?
Define how you see that. (3) What is...

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