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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Henry visit in Marseilles?
(a) Paul Bourget and his wife
(b) Pierre Boulet and his wife
(c) Henri Bourgis and his wife
(d) Peter Bourget and his wife Claire

2. What did Bob want to do?
(a) open a dry goods store
(b) be a fisherman
(c) become an accountant
(d) be a farmer

3. How old was Henry and how old was Constance when they met?
(a) Henry was 37, Constance 40
(b) Henry was 40, Constance 38
(c) Henry was 38, Constance 42
(d) Henry was 39, Constance 41

4. To whom is Mrs. Smith's sister now married?
(a) the cook at the Poet Laureate's
(b) the gardener for Mr. Austin at Ashford
(c) the gardener for a rich man in a neighboring town
(d) the gardener for Lord Tennyson

5. What would Alice, Henry's sister, have done about the predicament with the Smiths?
(a) told him to dismiss them at once
(b) sympathized with the Smiths and urged him not to fire them
(c) been sympathetic and understanding of his actions
(d) laughed uproariously and made him describe the Smiths

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Henry's friend, Edward Warren, offered to do for Henry?

2. What was the name of the little girl in the ghost story published in Colliers?

3. What advantage did Emerson say Henry James, Sr. had over him?

4. Who was the stenographer Henry hired?

5. What did Wilky and Bob have in common?

Short Essay Questions

1. What transpires when Hendrick visits Henry at Lamb House?

2. Who is Burgess Noakes and what is he like?

3. How does Henry's mother keep Henry out of the Civil War and how does Henry respond to this?

4. Who does Henry hire at the beginning of Chapter 6 and why?

5. What does Henry do when he is summoned to Venice after Constance's suicide?

6. What does Florence Lett's daughter do and what effect does it have on Henry?

7. With whom does Henry tour Paris and what are they like?

8. Who is Hendrick Andersen and what is Henry's relationship with him?

9. What location in Rome do Hendrick and Henry visit together and what is the significance of the visit?

10. What do Henry and his friend, Perry, do during the first summer of the Civil War and what is the effect on them?

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