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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the love of Oscar Wilde's life?
(a) Bosie
(b) Yeats
(c) his wife
(d) John

2. With whom did Alice develop a close friendship after her parents died?
(a) her cousin Minny
(b) Mrs. Charles Kingsley
(c) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(d) Katherine Loring

3. What did Henry like about Holmes Jr.?
(a) his honesty and forthrightness
(b) his wordiness and bursts of sermon-like phrases
(c) his intellectuality and solemness
(d) his steadfast friendship

4. What was Symonds's wife like?
(a) a narrow, cold, Calvinistic, dull woman
(b) a romantic, adoring wife
(c) a fiery Italian beauty
(d) a dutiful, domestic wife

5. What did Hammond look like?
(a) He was medium height with green eyes and a mustache
(b) He was short with brown eyes and a beard
(c) He was tall with brown eyes without a mustache or beard
(d) He was tall and blond with blue eyes

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Henry's father say that Minny took exception to?

2. How did the distinguished guest of the Jameses embarrass and shame Alice?

3. When was the worst time for Alice when she had her most severe nervous breakdown?

4. What did Henry think of Oscar Wilde's play, AN IDEAL HUSBAND?

5. What upsets Henry the most when visiting the Wolseleys?

Short Essay Questions

1. What English locale entrances Henry and what is it like?

2. Describe the mutual friend, John Addington Symonds, whom Henry and Gosse discuss after the trial.

3. What happened when Alice's father died within a year after her mother's death?

4. What does Henry discover about Alice when they're caught in the rain in Newport?

5. What was the reception of Henry's play in comparison with the reception of Oscar Wilde's play?

6. How did Alice react to her mother's death?

7. What is his play GUY DOMVILLE about?

8. How was Princess Casamassima a double portrait of Henry's sister, Alice?

9. What former friend of Henry's does the Russian princess mention and why does it upset Henry?

10. Who is Hammond?

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