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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How were the downstairs rooms at Lamb house like?
(a) elegant with large windows
(b) large and airy
(c) small and cozy
(d) medium-sized and dark

2. What story was one of the delights of Henry's childhood?
(a) the story of his father's wooden leg
(b) the his mother's childhood
(c) the story of Alice in Wonderland
(d) the story of Rip Van Winkle

3. What was Henry's friend, Lily Norton, like?
(a) a charming though shallow woman
(b) a shy, introverted wallflower of a woman
(c) a beautiful , charismatic woman who would marry well
(d) had a commanding, graceful presence and keen intelligence

4. What was one of the photographs Henry looked at at the beginning of Chapter 7?
(a) his aunt Kate
(b) Lamb House
(c) the monument to the 54 Massachusetts Regiment
(d) His brother William

5. How did Henry's father lose his leg?
(a) in a fire
(b) falling from the second story of a barn
(c) in a carriage accident
(d) in a hunting accident

6. What possession of Henry's brother, Wilky, had such a powerful effect on him and influenced his writing?
(a) the jacket of his uniform
(b) his Union cap
(c) his Army shoes
(d) his Army blanket

7. Who did Henry meet in Paris in the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) Lucinda and Mary Emmet
(b) Rosina and Bay Emmet
(c) Lucy and Marilyn Emmet
(d) Rosalind and Betty Emmet

8. How did Henry's good friend, Constance Fenimore Woolson, die?
(a) She committed suicide in Venice.
(b) She died of a fever in Venice.
(c) She died of tuberculosis in Venice.
(d) She died of a heart attack in Venice.

9. What is the only thing that depresses Henry about living at Lamb House?
(a) that it is a distance from London
(b) that his sister, Alice, hadn't seen it before she died
(c) that he might be lonely there
(d) that he will most likely die there

10. What was the garden at Lamb House like?
(a) small with beautiful plantings
(b) neglected but with a great deal of promise
(c) medium-sized but the plantings weren't to Henry's liking
(d) well-tended but too large for Henry's needs

11. What did Henry's mother do to prevent Henry from joining the Civil War?
(a) She told him horror stories about soldiers injured in the war.
(b) She tried to make him fearful about serving in the army.
(c) She invented an illness and treated him as if he were ill.
(d) She said she couldn't stand the strain of his joining.

12. Where do Henry and Hendrik go on one of the only sunny days during Hendrik's visit to Lamb House?
(a) They visit the quaint old church in Rye.
(b) They bicycle to the sea , to the beach.
(c) They take a bicycle ride around the countryside near Rye.
(d) They walk around the village of Rye , visiting the shops.

13. How old had Henry been when he first visited Rome?
(a) forty-one
(b) in his teens
(c) in his early thirties
(d) in his twenties

14. Who was George Gammon?
(a) Henry's cook at Lamb House
(b) a local storekeeper whom Henry especially liked
(c) Henry's butler at Lamb House
(d) a local gardener who Henry hired

15. Where did Henry spend time that summer in Chapter 6?
(a) in Ireland
(b) in the villages of the Suffolk coast
(c) in Venice
(d) on a vist to America

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Florence Lett's daughter in Chapter 8?

2. What was Henry's dog's name?

3. Who did Henry visit in Marseilles?

4. What does Henry seek to correct about the American girls he tours Paris with?

5. What did Bob want to do?

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