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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the parlor maid at Lamb House?
(a) Mary
(b) Molly
(c) Lydia
(d) Fanny

2. What fort was Wilky's regiment sent to attack?
(a) Fort Sumner
(b) Fort Wagner
(c) Fort Lee
(d) Fort Savannah

3. What possession of Henry's brother, Wilky, had such a powerful effect on him and influenced his writing?
(a) his Army blanket
(b) his Union cap
(c) the jacket of his uniform
(d) his Army shoes

4. To whom is Mrs. Smith's sister now married?
(a) the gardener for Mr. Austin at Ashford
(b) the gardener for a rich man in a neighboring town
(c) the cook at the Poet Laureate's
(d) the gardener for Lord Tennyson

5. What did Florence Lett's daughter look like and what was she wearing during her mother's visit to Lamb House?
(a) She was a red-head in a bright green dress.
(b) She was ordinary-looking with dark hair and a red dress
(c) She was a dark-skinned brunette in a white dress.
(d) She was beautiful, fair with blue eyes and a blue dress.

6. What did Hendrick Andersen and Henry James have in common?
(a) They both lived in Newport as children.
(b) They were both obsessed with the past.
(c) They both loved classical music.
(d) They were both writers.

7. What did Henry's father live on?
(a) his children's earnings
(b) his wife's fortune
(c) his inheritance, rent and dividends
(d) his writing

8. To whom does Henry introduce Constance in Florence?
(a) his aunt Kate and his cousin, Henrietta
(b) Francis Boott and his daughter Lizzie
(c) Florence Lett and Lily Norton
(d) his friends, Mrs. and Mr. Miller

9. What did William want to be at first?
(a) a sculptor
(b) a painter
(c) a banker
(d) a poet

10. What did Wilky and Bob have in common?
(a) quiet and introverted
(b) handsome and attractive to women
(c) noisy, not interested in education, became soldiers
(d) charming and charismatic to everyone

11. What was the name of the doctor who examined Henry?
(a) Dr. Williams
(b) Dr. Richardson
(c) Dr. Harmon
(d) Dr. Hamilton

12. The books of what philosopher did Henry's father start reading after his vision and attack?
(a) Kant
(b) Schopenhauer
(c) Spinoza
(d) Swedenborg

13. When Henry decides on residing in Lamb House in Rye how long a lease does the owner grant him?
(a) a twenty-one-year lease
(b) a thirty-one-year lease
(c) a twenty-year lease
(d) a ten-year lease

14. How old was Florence Lett's daughter in Chapter 8?
(a) eight
(b) five
(c) six
(d) seven

15. Who was the stenographer Henry hired?
(a) Kenneth MacDonald
(b) William MacAlpine
(c) John Gordon
(d) James MacDougal

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom did Maud Elliot want to fix up Henry at one of her dinners?

2. What is the only thing that depresses Henry about living at Lamb House?

3. How were the downstairs rooms at Lamb house like?

4. How old was Henry and how old was Constance when they met?

5. Which of Henry's cousins joined the army in the first year of the war?

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