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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing that depresses Henry about living at Lamb House?
(a) that he will most likely die there
(b) that he might be lonely there
(c) that it is a distance from London
(d) that his sister, Alice, hadn't seen it before she died

2. How were the downstairs rooms at Lamb house like?
(a) large and airy
(b) small and cozy
(c) elegant with large windows
(d) medium-sized and dark

3. What possession of Henry's brother, Wilky, had such a powerful effect on him and influenced his writing?
(a) his Army shoes
(b) his Union cap
(c) the jacket of his uniform
(d) his Army blanket

4. What was the name of the little girl in the ghost story published in Colliers?
(a) Alice
(b) Lucy
(c) Myra
(d) Flora

5. What did Florence Letts' daughter do that touched Henry?
(a) She was very loving to her mother.
(b) She spoke of her love for animals.
(c) She told him he was kind and compared him to her father.
(d) She embraced him and fell asleep in his lap.

6. To whom does Henry introduce Constance in Florence?
(a) his friends, Mrs. and Mr. Miller
(b) Francis Boott and his daughter Lizzie
(c) his aunt Kate and his cousin, Henrietta
(d) Florence Lett and Lily Norton

7. Who was George Gammon?
(a) Henry's cook at Lamb House
(b) a local storekeeper whom Henry especially liked
(c) Henry's butler at Lamb House
(d) a local gardener who Henry hired

8. What favor had Mrs. Smith asked of Henry when in his employ in London?
(a) that her ill sister could stay at Henry's while he was away
(b) that Henry substantially raise hers and her husband's pay
(c) that Henry lend her a sum of money
(d) that Henry hire her daughter also

9. What did Maud Howe Elliot and her artist husband want Henry to do?
(a) to write as novel with them as the main characters
(b) to leave them alone since they disliked him
(c) to visit the tourist attractions of Rome with them
(d) to visit them regularly anytime and mingle with their guests

10. To whom is Mrs. Smith's sister now married?
(a) the gardener for Mr. Austin at Ashford
(b) the cook at the Poet Laureate's
(c) the gardener for Lord Tennyson
(d) the gardener for a rich man in a neighboring town

11. What would Alice, Henry's sister, have done about the predicament with the Smiths?
(a) sympathized with the Smiths and urged him not to fire them
(b) told him to dismiss them at once
(c) been sympathetic and understanding of his actions
(d) laughed uproariously and made him describe the Smiths

12. Who became a regular visitor of Henry's while he was preparing to leave London?
(a) Francis Sturges
(b) his aunt Kate
(c) Oscar Wilde
(d) Edmund Gosse

13. What had Henry's friend, Edward Warren, offered to do for Henry?
(a) help him pay for the stenographer
(b) make drawings of the houses in Henry's novels
(c) introduce him to some English nobility as possible patrons
(d) find him a house outside London where he could write

14. What experience did Henry's father have in London many years ago which completely debilitated him?
(a) He was robbed and beaten when home alone
(b) He fell and broke his one good leg
(c) He had a vision of a huge bird of prey come to destroy him
(d) He had a dream about the angel of death come to get him

15. What part of Henry's hand hurt him?
(a) along and around the bone from his wrist to his little finger
(b) all his fingers
(c) his forefinger and palm
(d) his thumb running to his wrist

Short Answer Questions

1. What advantage did Emerson say Henry James, Sr. had over him?

2. How old was Florence Lett's daughter in Chapter 8?

3. What did Bob want to do?

4. What hadn't he done for a long time because of his painful hand?

5. What was Henry's dog's name?

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