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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Henry like the court at Dublin Castle?
(a) He loved the distraction of the many balls.
(b) He felt at home and wished he too were nobility.
(c) He found it a weariness to flesh and spirit alike.
(d) He was impressed by the pomp and grandeur of it.

2. What idea for a story comes to Henry while riding to dinner at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) the story of the affection of an orphaned brother and sister
(b) the story of an American family in England
(c) the story of an Irish princess falling in love with an Englishman
(d) the story of an ill girl who has hallucinations

3. What did Henry like about Americans?
(a) their independence and love of freedom
(b) their tolerance of others
(c) their yearning openness and readiness for experience
(d) their Yankee practicality

4. After Alice's arrival in England, what novel did Henry write that had a double portrait of her?
(a) Daisy Miller
(b) The Bostonians
(c) Portrait of a Lady
(d) The Princess Casamassima

5. How did the audience like Henry's play?
(a) They booed it and disliked it.
(b) They loved it.
(c) They were indifferent.
(d) They were luke warm about it.

6. What county in Ireland had Henry's ancestors come from?
(a) Cork
(b) Kerry
(c) Cavan
(d) Tyrone

7. What is the title of Henry's play which is having its premiere?
(a) Daisy Miller
(b) Portrait of a Lady
(c) Civil War Nightmare
(d) Guy Domville

8. When did Henry James Senior die?
(a) three years after his wife died
(b) ten years after his wife died
(c) within a year after his wife died
(d) four years after his wife died

9. With whom did Alice develop a close friendship after her parents died?
(a) Katherine Loring
(b) Mrs. Charles Kingsley
(c) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(d) her cousin Minny

10. What had intrigued John Addington Symonds?
(a) Baroque art and music
(b) Greek ethics, love between men
(c) fairytales
(d) Italy and its beauty

11. Who was Hammond?
(a) One of Lord Wolseley's guests
(b) Henry's manservant at the Royal Hospital
(c) Henry's cousin
(d) Henry's lost love from the past

12. Who was the person Alice disliked and lived below her in London?
(a) a nurse
(b) a prim English woman
(c) a clergyman
(d) a novelist

13. How did the distinguished guest of the Jameses embarrass and shame Alice?
(a) By remarking on her table manners not being refined
(b) By exclaiming that she wore a crinoline and it was depraved
(c) By exclaiming that she was terribly skinny and looked ill
(d) By making the remark that she was homely and umkempt

14. Why were the family meals a trial for Alice?
(a) She didn't like being with the family but wanted to be alone.
(b) She was asked by her parents to tell about her day.
(c) She had no appetite and was constantly urged to eat.
(d) Bob and Wilky teased her and left her defenseless.

15. Who are the two relatives who appear in Henry's dream?
(a) his Mother and his Aunt Kate
(b) his cousin, Minny, and his mother
(c) his father and his brother William
(d) his brother, Wilky and his brother Bob

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are some of Henry's friends who attended the play?

2. What upsets Henry the most when visiting the Wolseleys?

3. How did Alice behave when a young man came into the room?

4. How did Henry's sister Alice react when her mother died?

5. What did Hammond look like?

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