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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are some of Henry's friends who attended the play?
(a) Hammond, Littlefield and Philip Smith
(b) Sargent, Gosse and Philip Burne-Jones
(c) Paul, Peter and Eric
(d) Minny, Constance and Hammond

2. After Alice's arrival in England, what novel did Henry write that had a double portrait of her?
(a) The Princess Casamassima
(b) Portrait of a Lady
(c) The Bostonians
(d) Daisy Miller

3. How did Henry's sister Alice react when her mother died?
(a) She stayed in her bedroom and mourned.
(b) She rallied and tried to be the mother of the house.
(c) She became deathly ill and was hospitalized.
(d) She had a nervous breakdown.

4. Why were the family meals a trial for Alice?
(a) She had no appetite and was constantly urged to eat.
(b) She didn't like being with the family but wanted to be alone.
(c) She was asked by her parents to tell about her day.
(d) Bob and Wilky teased her and left her defenseless.

5. In what century is the play set?
(a) eighteenth century
(b) sixteenth century
(c) seventeenth century
(d) nineteenth century

6. Who are the two relatives who appear in Henry's dream?
(a) his father and his brother William
(b) his cousin, Minny, and his mother
(c) his brother, Wilky and his brother Bob
(d) his Mother and his Aunt Kate

7. How was the only child guest at the Royal hospital dressed for the costume ball?
(a) as the infanta of Velaquez' painting
(b) as Little Bo Peep
(c) as a fairy princess
(d) as an angel

8. When Henry decides to write his own version of the ghost story, where does he finally decide it should take place?
(a) in the present in New England
(b) in an old mansion in New York
(c) in a remote house on the rocks in Newport
(d) in the past in England

9. What county in Ireland had Henry's ancestors come from?
(a) Cork
(b) Cavan
(c) Tyrone
(d) Kerry

10. Who visits Henry in the first chapter?
(a) an expatriate Russian princess
(b) his brother William
(c) his cousin Minny
(d) Oscar Wilde

11. What is the dilemma of the main character in Henry's play?
(a) whether to become a novelist or a businessman
(b) whether to marry his true love or marry a wealthy woman
(c) whether to travel to America or remain in Europe
(d) whether to carry on the family line or join a monastery

12. How did the audience like Oscar Wilde's play, AN IDEAL HUSBAND?
(a) They hated it.
(b) They were bored with it.
(c) They were shocked by it.
(d) They loved it.

13. What did the emerging story idea do for Henry?
(a) inspired him to turn it into a play
(b) filled him with fear that he couldn't bring it off
(c) lifted him out of gloom and filled him with hope for his writing
(d) gave him the hope he might make a lot of money

14. What situation leads Henry to compose a new story?
(a) His father's outgrageous outburst against women
(b) Holmes, Gray and himself seeking Minny's affection
(c) Henry's experience when sleeping with Holmes
(d) Minny's courageous defense of her opinions

15. Which novel of Henry's mentioned at the end of Chapter 5 was a tribute to Minny?
(a) Daisy Miller
(b) The Princess Casamassima
(c) Portrait of a Lady
(d) The Bostonians

Short Answer Questions

1. What upsets Henry the most when visiting the Wolseleys?

2. What did Henry like about Americans?

3. What did Henry's father say that Minny took exception to?

4. Who was Lord Alfred Douglas?

5. What idea for a story comes to Henry while riding to dinner at the beginning of Chapter 4?

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