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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Minny Temple like?
(a) light, curious, fresh and spontaneous
(b) demure and domestic
(c) serious and shy
(d) unfriendly and unlikable

2. Who did Gosse say would produce unwashed boys to give evidence against Wilde?
(a) Douglas's father
(b) a newspaper reporter
(c) Lady Wolseley
(d) Sturges

3. How did Henry like the court at Dublin Castle?
(a) He felt at home and wished he too were nobility.
(b) He loved the distraction of the many balls.
(c) He found it a weariness to flesh and spirit alike.
(d) He was impressed by the pomp and grandeur of it.

4. What had William Dean Howells told Sturges during their meeting in Paris?
(a) that he was ashamed to be a homosexual
(b) that he didn't like Paris as well as London
(c) that Sturges should live and be glad of it while he was young
(d) that he was ready finally to have a romantic fling

5. When did Henry James Senior die?
(a) within a year after his wife died
(b) ten years after his wife died
(c) four years after his wife died
(d) three years after his wife died

6. What did Henry like about Americans?
(a) their independence and love of freedom
(b) their yearning openness and readiness for experience
(c) their Yankee practicality
(d) their tolerance of others

7. How did Henry's sister Alice react when her mother died?
(a) She stayed in her bedroom and mourned.
(b) She had a nervous breakdown.
(c) She rallied and tried to be the mother of the house.
(d) She became deathly ill and was hospitalized.

8. What upsets Henry the most when visiting the Wolseleys?
(a) It's bitterly cold in his room
(b) The young daughter of one of the guests is ignored.
(c) The servants are mistreated.
(d) The horses in the stables are starving.

9. Who are some of Henry's friends who attended the play?
(a) Paul, Peter and Eric
(b) Sargent, Gosse and Philip Burne-Jones
(c) Hammond, Littlefield and Philip Smith
(d) Minny, Constance and Hammond

10. Who was it who told a ghost story to Henry which intrigued him?
(a) his father
(b) the archbishop of Canterbury
(c) his friend Benson
(d) his aunt Kate

11. What did Henry think of Oscar Wilde's play, AN IDEAL HUSBAND?
(a) He thought it was clever and amusing.
(b) He thought it was too intellectual.
(c) He thought it was boring.
(d) He thought it was feeble and vulgar.

12. What had Henry heard about Oscar Wilde's parents?
(a) His mother was mad or revolutionary , his father a philanderer.
(b) His parents were of the Irish nobility.
(c) Wilde's parents had disowned him for being homosexual.
(d) His mother was a lesbian, his father a homosexual

13. What did Oscar Wilde's wife do because of the scandal and trial?
(a) came to London to stand by him
(b) moved to Switzerland with her children and changed her name
(c) denounced him in an article in the London Times
(d) committed suicide

14. When was the worst time for Alice when she had her most severe nervous breakdown?
(a) when she was traveling in Italy
(b) when she was staying in London
(c) before and just after William's marriage
(d) when she returned to New England

15. In what century is the play set?
(a) eighteenth century
(b) seventeenth century
(c) sixteenth century
(d) nineteenth century

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Alice behave when a young man came into the room?

2. What English locale did Henry fall in love with?

3. How did the distinguished guest of the Jameses embarrass and shame Alice?

4. What had happened when Henry walked with his father on the beach in Boulogne?

5. What did Henry have to occupy his time with in the beginning of Chapter 5?

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