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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Henry's body began to hurt him?
(a) his eyes
(b) his foot
(c) his hand
(d) his arm

2. Who are the two relatives who appear in Henry's dream?
(a) his brother, Wilky and his brother Bob
(b) his father and his brother William
(c) his Mother and his Aunt Kate
(d) his cousin, Minny, and his mother

3. What did Henry's father say that Minny took exception to?
(a) He said women were inferior in intellect and physical strength.
(b) He was critical of his sons and daughter.
(c) He didn't like animals.
(d) He was against abolition

4. How many children did Oscar Wilde have and what gender were they?
(a) two boys and a girl
(b) two girls
(c) two boys
(d) a boy and a girl

5. What had Hammond been before he was employed by the Wolseleys?
(a) a servant at Dublin Castle
(b) a lieutenant in the army
(c) an actor
(d) an army corporal

6. How was the only child guest at the Royal hospital dressed for the costume ball?
(a) as a fairy princess
(b) as the infanta of Velaquez' painting
(c) as Little Bo Peep
(d) as an angel

7. Who visits Henry in the first chapter?
(a) his brother William
(b) his cousin Minny
(c) Oscar Wilde
(d) an expatriate Russian princess

8. Who was Minny Temple?
(a) Henry's cousin
(b) Wendell's girlfriend
(c) an imaginary character in one of Henry's novels
(d) Wendell's cousin

9. What did Holmes not disclose to Henry but did discuss with William, his brother?
(a) whom he was in love with
(b) his casual attitude toward women and the Civil War
(c) details about the cases he tried
(d) his thoughts about England

10. What upsets Henry the most when visiting the Wolseleys?
(a) The young daughter of one of the guests is ignored.
(b) The servants are mistreated.
(c) It's bitterly cold in his room
(d) The horses in the stables are starving.

11. In Chapter 1 where did Henry's dream take place?
(a) England
(b) America
(c) Italy
(d) New England

12. How did Henry like to be seen as a writer by people?
(a) as a popular, rich success
(b) as a noble, selfless non-materialist devoted to his art
(c) as a writer who would be known as a genius in the future
(d) as a playwright not a novelist

13. What did Henry do after the play ended?
(a) sat on a park bench half the night
(b) slunk home in disgrace
(c) visited the nearest pub and got drunk
(d) waited in the shadows then returned bravely to face the actors

14. What had Henry purchases before he left London?
(a) a fashionable summer suit
(b) a new writing desk
(c) a walking cane
(d) a bicycle

15. Where had Henry found some of the names he used in his novels?
(a) tombstones
(b) obituaries and death notices
(c) wedding announcements
(d) newspaper articles

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Oscar Wilde's wife do because of the scandal and trial?

2. For whom had the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham been built?

3. Which novel of Henry's mentioned at the end of Chapter 5 was a tribute to Minny?

4. Who is the love of Oscar Wilde's life?

5. How did the audience like Henry's play?

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